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How to Find the Best Floor Sanding and Restoration Service Provider

Hardwood flooring is among the most priced flooring solution. Despite the cost, several homes still prefer using a wooden floor due to its desirable benefits. According to some homeowners, this floor is comfortable, cleans out well, and gives off a warm feel. Some, however, say it’s a luxury floor.

A wooden floor provides so many advantages, some of which we have seen above. However, a significant benefit of this solution is the opportunity to refinish and sand its surface. Compared to other flooring options that can last for a few decades, wood floors can last for centuries.

What is floor sanding and restoration (refinishing)? Floor sanding refers to the process of striping the surface of the floor while refinishing refers to the process of reapplying a finish to the surface. The process brings back a shine – making it sparkle as new.

You can carry out floor sanding and refinishing about ten times. Some old homes have wooden floors that have lasted for four centuries. However, recent flooring might last for just a century.

In this article, we shall exposit on steps to find a floor sanding and restoration expert. However, let us consider some advantages of floor restoration.

Benefits of Floor Sanding andWood Surface Restoration

Prevent New Issues

Some damages on your surface might not show up at once. However, if left unchecked might lead to more damage. Sanding the wooden surface does not only take away visible damage. It also scrapes out hidden surfaces that have started damaging.

Several factors might cause your wooden floors to get damaged. However, sanding and refinishing can prevent further damage.

Keep It Smooth, Keep It Clean

A smooth floor helps the cleaning process. Sanding helps to make the wooden surface smooth, making it easy to clean. One without scratches or dents does not leave room for dirt to hide. You can click on https://www.stephilareine.com/2020/06/10-mental-health-benefits-of-a-clean-bedroom.html to read more about the health benefits of a clean bedroom.

No More Allergies

Some persons suffer from allergies resulting from dusty and unclean surfaces. Sanding makes the surfaces smooth. With this, the room can be cleaned and without hidden dirt. You can now take a breath of fresh air in your room without fear of allergies.

A Better Aesthetic Appeal

Wood Floor Sealing / Best Floor Sanding and Restoration Service

If you are one that loves good aesthetics, you will love a wooden floor. Wooden floors have a very bright and appealing appearance when newly installed. However, they begin to reduce in appearance after some years of use. It is due to dust, stains, and scratches.

However, restoration helps to bring back that beautiful appearance. If your floor is getting dull, you need the services of a Kent floor sanding expert.

You might not be interested in refinishing your surface because you want to sell the property. However, the appearance of the property makes it easier to sell. No one will like to buy a property with an unattractive appearance.

Remove Old Designs, Apply New Ones

There are several flooring designs people apply to make their homes outstanding. Over time, these designs begin to fade out, and we might want to change them. Changing them will require a total cleaning of the surface. You can watch this video to see some modern home floor designs.

Save Some More Cash

People often argue about the fact that refinishing is a cheaper option than replacing the entire floor. Refinishing is expensive but, when compared to the cost of floor change, it is a good option. Using any other surface type, you might want to change it regularly. Meanwhile, a wooden one will require periodic sanding.

How to Find a Reliable Restoration Service Provider

Some persons decide to restore their floor by themselves instead of choosing a company or expert. However, contracting an expert will ensure that the job is well done. How do you find one? Below are some steps to find a reliable restoration service provider.

Ask Around

To find a service provider, you should start by asking those around you. Your friends or relatives may have an expert’s contact. You can make a list from the ones suggested.

Check Their Website

Next, look up the company on the internet. You should check how long they have been in business, professional affiliations, insurance coverage, and professional certification. Also, look for their call details or email addresses.

Check Customer Reviews

Online Consumer Review Rating

Reviews are necessary while making findings. By reading reviews, you will find out how satisfied their previous clients were. Ensure the company does not have too many excellent or poor reviews.

Also, have in mind that some companies pay for good reviews. You should therefore try to understand how to read reviews critically.

Take a Tour to the Company

Once you are satisfied with the reviews on their services, you should visit them. Ensure you check out the type of equipment they have/use. Their machines should be the latest technology and not outdated. Some popular machine brands are Junckers, Osmo, and Bona.

Request a Proposal

Keep in mind that restoration is quite expensive, so keep your expectations in check. Request a detailed quote for the job. It should carry the estimated time for completing the job and the pricing structure.


Wood flooring is an expensive flooring solution. Though there are other options which you can see here (https://www.homestratosphere.com/flooring-types/ ), the benefits of using it are quite substantial. Top among this is that it can be restored and will stand the test of time. It’s no wonder that many homeowners opt for it.

Homeowners can do a refinishing job on their floors by themselves. However, it is best to hire a professional. To find one, you can follow the steps given in this article.

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  • It sure was helpful that you suggested asking for a detailed quote so you could check for keeping your expectations in check. This is something that I will consider because I want to have the timber floor of our old house restored. My goal is to find a company that can make our flooring look new again without breaking my bank, so I will consider hiring a sanding service that can provide quality yet affordable service.


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