Is Your Home Summer Ready

Summer is on the horizon, and many of us are looking forward to enjoying long, hazy days and soaking up the sunshine. Is your home summer-ready? If it isn’t yet, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some simple steps to ensure you’re ready for warmer climes.

Keeping cool

As temperatures rise, it’s important to make sure that you can keep cool at home. If you have air conditioning units, now is the time to arrange routine checks and ensure everything is in good working order. Servicing systems on a regular basis can help to improve function, prolong life expectancy and save money. It’s also a great idea to make your garden more versatile if you enjoy sitting outside on a hot day. Adding structures or awnings that provide shelter and shade can help you to make the most of your outdoor space come rain or shine. You can take cover on rainy days or escape the heat in the summer. 

Lawn care and garden maintenance

Many of us love to spend as much time in our gardens as possible during the summer months, and with most people destined to be at home more than usual for the foreseeable future, it’s wise to get your garden in order now. Mow your lawn once a week to promote healthy grass growth. Avoid mowing damp surfaces and stick to a pattern that enables you to cover every inch without going over the same patch again and again. You can use a trimmer or secateurs to trim the edges. Take some time to inspect flower beds and planters and pull out any stray weeds. Water your plants daily and deadhead flowers. If you have a patio, a deck or an outdoor entertaining area, it’s a good idea to dust down and clean your furniture, repair any damaged paving stones or patio tiles and varnish wooden fencing and gates. 

Light Wood Table with Upholsterer Rattan Chairs on Open Patio - Is Your Home Summer-Ready

Switching up interior accessories

Are you ready to swap comfy and cozy for light and bright? As the days get longer and the mercury rises, you might feel like giving your interiors a revamp. You don’t have to go all-out and spend a fortune redecorating. Simple touches like swapping heavy fabrics and dark, rich tones for light textiles, natural materials and neutral colors can transform the appearance and feel of your home in an instant. Adding vases of fresh flowers and potted plants can help to inject color and vibrancy. It’s also a fantastic idea to maximize natural light indoors by hanging mirrors on the wall, angling tables, chairs and sofas towards windows and patio doors and avoiding clutter. 

Many of us look forward to the warm summer months. If you’re hoping to make the most of sun-drenched Sundays and lazy evenings in the garden, it’s wise to start getting your home ready now. Arrange for your air conditioning system to be checked out, spend some time prepping the garden and crossing off maintenance jobs and switch up your home accessories to channel new trends and give your home a fresh feel. 

Is Your Home Summer-Ready

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