7 Wonderful Ways to Welcome the Fall into Your Home

Fall is a magical time of the year. There’s nothing more beautiful than a fresh, bright fall day when the ground is crunchy underfoot, covered in colorful leaves and fall foliage. It’s also a time filled with excitement and joy. We’re looking forward to the holiday season, to decorating our homes, shopping for gifts, and enjoying all of the magic of this time of the year. But it’s also cold. After a long day out in the chilly air, there’s nothing better than getting home and cozying up in your nice warm home. It’s even better if you can welcome fall in, filling your home with coziness and fall glamor.

Here’s a look at seven wonderful ways to welcome fall into your home’s décor.

Embrace the Festivities

There are a few weeks in fall when it’s too soon for Christmas trees and decorations but too late for Halloween. When it comes to festive décor, you can feel a little lost, but you shouldn’t. It’s a season filled with festivities, and you should fully embrace it. Decorate pumpkins, hang Nordic prints, and don’t worry too much about the dates or what is acceptable. Buy some cool accessories and seasonal prints and save on seasonal décor with coupons and codes.

Add Plenty of Texture

Texture is an excellent way to add depth to your rooms, warming them up and creating a cozy atmosphere. Add throw cushions to your couch and chairs, fold blankets and throws over chairs to create a welcoming appeal, and hang heavy curtains to keep warmth in. Then create further depth by layering different textures and adding patterns to block colors by layering rugs and blankets on top of each other.

Get Busy in the Kitchen

Adding accessories and textures is great, but when it comes to welcoming fall into your home, the aroma is one of the most important elements. You can create warming smells with scented candles but cooking comforting casseroles and baking fresh bread will make your home more welcoming than anything else ever could.

Hang a Wreath

If you want to welcome fall into your home, why not start with the very thing that welcomes you into your home: your front door? Hang a homemade wreath filled with autumnal colors and textures to set the tone for the rest of your home.

Add Rich Metallics

Add warming copper, rose gold, and brass with accessories, tableware, mugs, and fixtures, and fittings like taps and handles. This can add a touch of glamor to your autumnal décor while complementing your other accessories. A few metallic additions are a great way to totally transform your room.

Bring in Natural Elements

Fall is beautiful. Go for a walk outside and you are surrounded by rich, deep colors and different textures. The easiest way to bring this fall atmosphere into your home is to include some of the natural elements that you see outdoors. Include leaves, pinecones, and other elements from nature in a homemade centerpiece. Fill vases with in-season flowers, wheat, and feathers and, if you’ve got children at home, let them get creative with some fall crafts that you can display around the house.

Include Lighting Options

In the summer it’s nice to maximize natural light, letting as much in as you can to create a bright and open space. In the fall, however, when it’s dark and gray outside and natural light is in short supply, harsh, bright rooms can feel cold and lacking in personality. Adding lighting options with table lamps, candles, and other soft lighting gives you an easy way to create a comforting atmosphere.

Welcoming fall into your home is a great way to surround yourself with the joys of the season and it often only takes a few small touches to create the ultimate fall décor.


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  • These are great ideas. I need a new wreath for our door.


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