The Hidden Hovel That’s A Great Hideaway! Upgrading Your Attic

While we have seen so many articles on the importance of curb appeal, and the importance of every room in your house looking fantastic when it comes to preparing your home for sale, or just increasing the value of your home, there’s always one room in the house which doesn’t get as much press, and that is the attic. This is usually for a very obvious reason, that the attic is out of bounds, or it’s the only storage facility in the house. This is usually when the house is so small. But there are some fantastic ways to make the most of your attic, so let’s have a look at what you can use your attic for, in a practical, but also livable, sense.

The Hidden Hovel That's A Great Hideaway! Upgrading Your Attic

Make It A New Bedroom For Your Little One

Not many people like the idea of turning their attic into a bedroom, but if you’ve got a young member of the family, this is a very suitable option. You can install a loft window to get some light into there. But also the great thing about an attic is that, even though the ceiling space can leave a lot to be desired, the attic tends to run the whole length and width of the house, making it a perfect space for a young child to run around in. Remember, the dominant issue with an attic room is that it can get quite cold, and so this is why loft insulation is vital. There are companies that do it, such as Wildwood Roofing & Construction, but if you have a very drafty attic, it’s important for you to do this and get insulation installed, not just for the benefit of the person living in that room, but for the rest of your house also.

A Library For The Bookworm

If you have an abundance of books, the natural angles of the roof lend itself to a design where you can attach shelves cascading down, meaning you’ve got plenty of floor space to play with also. So if you are one of these people that has lots of items in boxes, these could go on display, but it can also add a sense of style to your attic room. Add a lick of paint, and you’ve got something a bit more colorful.

Turn It Into A Guest Room For Passing Travelers

Because of sites like Airbnb, you’d be a fool to let your attic space go to waste. You can turn it into a very stylish guest room for people, and the great thing is that with this sort of setup you can do the whole “bed on the floor” thing. Even if you’ve got a very low ceiling in your attic, mattresses can go on the floor, and you’ve got a very simple and effective guest room for passing travelers. It’s also a very great way to get some money while you’re at it.

An attic doesn’t have to be a boring room where all your cardboard boxes lives, so get inspired and make your attic a key part of your home.


3 thoughts on “The Hidden Hovel That’s A Great Hideaway! Upgrading Your Attic

  • Our attic space looks JUST like this! I’ve never really considered finishing it before, but it is a huge space and could definitely be used for something.

  • attic upgrades are a huge thing here in portland with our housing styles. this looks easy and pretty cheap!

  • I’ve seen some adorable attics finished so perfect. It can be expensive, though. For me, it would be so then where do you put all your stuff!


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