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Helpful Tech Gadgets That Make Chores Much Easier

Modern tech advancements have made many things in life easier, including your household chores. Gone are the days when you’d spend hours performing annoying tasks to keep your house in order. With the tech gadgets shown below, you can breeze through common household chores and have more time to do other things. 

Robot Vacuum

What better place to start than with a robot vacuum cleaner? These have been around for many years and are getting smarter and smarter. When the first robot vacuum was introduced, it was nothing more than a funny gadget; a potential glimpse into the future, perhaps. No one truly thought they’d kick on as all these things did was bang into furniture and barely clean anything. 

Thanks to technological advancements, modern robot vacuums are far better. The high-end ones are equipped with so many sensors to avoid obstacles, and they’re made with stronger suction power. You can use one of these to clean a room and avoid doing it by hand. Sure, you may need a proper vacuum for thick carpeted floors and to give a deeper clean every few weeks. But for general weekly maintenance to prevent dirt from building up, a robot vacuum works like a charm. 

Robot Mower

After the success of robot vacuums, people started thinking…what else can we robotize?! 

Make way for robot lawn mowers. They do exactly as advertised; mow your lawn without you needing to do anything. The technology here is slightly different to a robot vacuum – you need to set up an invisible perimeter to prevent the mower from driving off into the road or doing a runner. The best versions will happily trim your lawn and keep it from being overgrown, especially during the summer. It saves you from needing to spend up to a couple of hours mowing it yourself – which is very hard work. 

It’s easy to assume that these gadgets are extremely expensive. While it’s true that the cost of a robot mower can go into the thousands, compare it with the cost of an expensive lawn mower. It usually ends up around the same price bracket, if not cheaper. You can get this little robot to mow your lawn weekly and then have a small mower for manual use if necessary. 

Robot Window Cleaner

Another robot, seriously? 

We promise this is the last one, but we couldn’t ignore it. Some of you have heard of robot lawn mowers and all of you have probably known that robot vacuums exist. The chances are only a small handful have heard of robot window cleaners. 

It’s not a tech purchase you’ve thought of making in the past, but when you see how well they work, maybe you’ll change your mind. Despite what it sounds like, you’re not receiving a physical robot that stands up and cleans your windows like some semi-sentient butler. Instead, you have a device that looks like a robot vacuum or mower, but attaches to the window. It sucks itself to the glass and uses a cleaning solution to go all over the pane and wipe away. 

All of this is controllable via an app – and we’ll link a video below that shows it in action. Think how much time you’ll save by plugging this little guy in and letting it do the work while you focus on other tasks. It’ll immediately slash your maintenance routine in half and make it easier for you to look after your house



It may seem like an old piece of tech, but a dishwasher is one of the greatest gadgets you can own to make chores easier. Do you know how long it takes to wash the dishes every night? You spend ages making dinner, and then even longer cleaning up. Not to mention that washing by hand genuinely uses more water than putting everything in a dishwasher. 

Eat your food, pop everything in the machine, click a button, and the job is done. There’s no need to dry anything as it dries automatically as part of the wash cycle anyway. You can relax in the evenings and spend more time doing the things you love. 

Loads of smart dishwashers exist now too, coming with loads of controls and features to make your life even easier. Did you load the machine and forget to turn it on? Don’t worry, smart ones connect to your phone and can be managed over wifi. Others are equipped with features to make them quieter while some use technology to ensure the perfect amount of water and heat is used depending on the load. 

Trash Can Notifier

Do you hate taking out the trash? The worst part is when you leave it for slightly too long and the trash can overflows. You pull the bag out and it splits because it’s simply too stuffed. Now, a five-minute job becomes a twenty-minute deal with cleanup added. 

A trash can notifier is a cool gadget that fits inside the trash can and recognizes when it’s full. You get a notification via a partner app on your phone, so you can seamlessly take it out. It stops the overflow from happening and makes this task so much more manageable. 

Hopefully, the future will see self-emptying trash cans so we never have to bother with this chore again! 

Air Purifier

Yes, the best air purifiers will make household chores much easier. Notably, they’ll remove a lot of dust and dirt from the air so it can’t settle on surfaces. This means you won’t need to dust as frequently and your home won’t get as dirty. 

Instead of dusting every few days, you can get away with doing it once a week or every two weeks. 

Get your hands on as many helpful tech gadgets as possible if you’re struggling to handle home maintenance tasks. Let technology assist however it can so you spend less time working and more time feeling relaxed. 

12 thoughts on “Helpful Tech Gadgets That Make Chores Much Easier

  • I need to get one of those vacuums for sure! We do have an air purifier and it’s magnificent.

  • It is nice when technology can make life easier. These are all great gadgets that would help me stay on top of housework.

  • These are all such great items to help out. I personally love the robot vacuum and having a dishwasher.

  • I need a few of these gadgets! Now, I do have some and man do they make it difference when it comes to my household chores. That robot vacuum is my best friend…lol

  • I’ve always been a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of robot vacuums and mowers, thinking they were more of a novelty than a practical help. But reading about how far the technology has come has really changed my mind.

  • the dishwasher is certainly my most useful tech gadget at home.. tried the robot vacuum but did not work for our home well so back to our trusted and efficient Dyson..

  • The window cleaner bot blew my mind – who knew that was a thing? And that dishwasher life? I’m sold.

  • Life is indeed a lot easier with the help of robotic appliances. I particularly find robot vacuum cleaners to be the most useful, it’s like having your own personal cleaner.

  • I’d love to get a robot mower. Mowing is a pain but my yard would still need the weedeater. So it wouldn’t completely eliminate yard work for me.

  • I didn’t realized that there are a lot of things that are being innovated. These are all helpful in doing chores.


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