How To Perfect Your Sizzling Selfies

Selfies have become a part of everyday life; everyone’s taking them, everyone’s posting them, then when your not taking them and posting them, you’re liking and commenting on someone else’s. But, do you ever notice how some people get it right every time? So, how do you take the perfect selfie that’s insta-worthy every time?

Look Up At The Camera

As you’re doing looking up towards the camera, slightly raise your eyebrows to make your eyes appear just that little bit larger. Then, think of something that genuinely makes you laugh or smile, as this will create the look of genuine happiness that will shine through in your photo.

Extend Your Head

Extending your head away from your neck helps create the look of a longer neck and sharper jawline. If you push your shoulders down too, it will make you look more relaxed.

Smile Like You Mean It

If you’re genuinely happy and smiling, then your selfie can’t possibly look bad.

Don’t force it, as natural smiles are always better. On the other hand, if you’re going for a slightly more serious selfie, try smiling with your eyes. Show your teeth for that perfect instasmile and if you feel conscious about your teeth then look at dental implants because you could have them sorted in no time. Alternatively, you can get fillings with the Dentist in sherman.

Be Careful Where You Hold Your Phone

Instead of keeping your phone in front of you, try holding it to the side for a perfect angle.

Relax Your Mouth

Exhale and blow air through your lips, then it’s up to you whether you choose to keep your mouth then loosely open or entirely closed in your selfie – which one looks best for you? Blowing air through your lips before you take the photo keeps your mouth from looking tense in your picture, plus it also makes your pout look plumper.

Find Your Best Light

When you are ready, slowly spin to find the best view and then click away!

You need good, natural lighting, so turn towards the window or, better yet, go outside and bask in the sun’s glow as good lighting can make under-eye circles and shadows disappear.

Know When You Should Use A Flash

While finding natural light and avoiding shadows are essential when taking a good selfie, there are times when you might want to take a selfie, and it’s dark. Whether you’re in a club or just on your couch watching Netflix, you can still take a great selfie. Go on Snapchat as the app has a flash feature for the front-facing camera, while the regular photo app on the iPhone does not.

In Snapchat, hit the little lightning bolt on the top left corner and then take your selfie.

The screen will go bright white so that you have light on your face and while it won’t look perfect by any means, you’ll be able to see your face. Then, once you save it to your camera roll, you can play with the tone and filters to make it a little less blue.

Take Loads of Selfies.

Kylie Jenner’s best selfie tip is to take selfies and take a lot of them. She’s said that she takes “like, 500 selfies” before she finds one she likes enough to post.


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