How To Prevent Bullying in Schools

Bullying has all along been part of almost every learning institution. Even some of the schools thought to be perfect for proper education provision will never miss an aspect of this inhuman vice among unruly students. Therefore, strategies and policies should be set across all schools to curb the cruel practice. As online essay writer informs, who also has been exploring the information about bullying, some of the policies set in all schools have seemed to bear immature fruits as this vice can be traced among a good number of students. In three years now, this practice has been observed to be recurring in various ways; through stigmatization of immigrant kids due to cultural differences, exclusion of multiple students for some reason, among many other forms.

Bullying is prevalent everywhere, ranging from highly regarded schools to the lowly regarded ones. Its outcome brings about a hurting experience for all the parties involved. These parties may include the victims of this vice, the witnesses as well as the bullies themselves. Therefore, strategies and the most suitable practices and ways should be adopted to curb bullying in schools.

Every approach undertaken to handle bullying accordingly will not always be successful. Some ways may work pretty well, and others may end up unsuccessfully. Prevention programs have been established to popularize the need for rising against bullying as well as implementing the consequences. Sadly, some of the programs that employ strict measures on bullying seem not to bear fruits in some areas. Some approaches that are raised to handle bullying also seem ineffective. The methods instead increase bullying, and these include peer mediation, bystander intervention, among others. Some other ways have not undergone thorough research to be considered useful for handling cases of bullying.

This piece is, therefore, a guide through which bullying in schools can be prevented. In the end, the outcome is anticipated to be a considerable reduction in the vice of bullying among various schools. The approaches involved include social and emotional learning, as well as a positive school climate.

Developing a positive school climate

The environment in which students learn should be supportive of the nature of being in school. It is the general feeling that students have when interacting with persons of all ages and backgrounds. Consistent healthy developments will always foster a school that is institutionalized into a favorable climate for students. In contrast, those with no positive school climate are likely to be enclosed in the chains of an advanced form of bullying, victimization, aggression, and insecurity.

To ensure that a positive school climate is well developed for students, then it is essential to emphasize social engineering, ethical leadership, proper strategies from the institution’s stakeholders. Through these, students are going to enjoy the safe and habitable environment surrounding them.

Enhancing social and emotional learning

Social and emotional learning entails social awareness, relationship management, self-management, social awareness, among others. Through social and emotional learning, the fight against bullying in schools is becoming productive. The practice helps to improve classroom relationships, self-regulation, and emotional wellbeing. Social and emotional learning has foreseen the drastic drop in the range of problems such as anger, anxiety, stress, conflicts, among other challenges.


Bullying should not be acted upon by schools only. It is relevant that other parties chip in and keep on reinforcing and emphasizing on the stated measures. With consistent enforcement of the unfruitful laws and observance of the discussed ways, then the vice of bullying in schools is approaching extinction.



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