4 Safety Tips for Women Traveling Solo on Campervans

Female solo travel is an ongoing global phenomenon. Statistics shared by Condor Ferries show that the search term ‘female solo travel’ alone has increased by over 60 per cent on multiple search engines. More than 50 per cent of women who have already travelled by themselves expressed intentions to do so again within the same year. Nearly 90 per cent of women claim that they aren’t scared of going on trips alone regardless of alarming world events.

Included in these statistics are women who travel regularly or already live in recreational vehicles. There is a surge in social media content by women vacationing in their RVs over Summer breaks and holidays. However, they’re not only sharing tips on how to pick destinations and how to stay fit during month-long journeys. Since safety is a bigger issue for women than it is for men statistically, they’re also sharing ways to guarantee their security as a traveler. If you’re a woman interested in finding a Volkswagen camper van hire to go on your first solo excursion, you should keep in mind these four tips.

Invest in Safety Tools

The typical campervan is equipped with the usual security features you’ll find in average cars. Depending on the company you are renting yours from, there could be options to install additional safety devices. There are plenty in the market that you can take advantage of. Some of the most basic ones include window security films, alarms, and camper steering locks. Ask the rental company if a tracker can be installed and whether you will be allowed to fit one to the Volkswagen campervan you hire.

You must also equip yourself with personal safety tools like folding knives and pepper sprays. Solo campervan travelers keep these close to their bed at night, as it’s usually after dark that most crimes happen.

Maximize the Daylight

Soloists benefit from always being aware of their surroundings, which is why experienced travelers recommend doing the important things while there is daylight. Some crucial tasks that are better done before dark are filling up your gas, buying the groceries, and looking for a place to park. Settling down in a campground or a national forest by sunset also gives you a safe place to handle problems like engine trouble. In that case, the worst-case scenario would be getting stranded inside the camp while you seek assistance.

Update Your Family and Friends

Before leaving on your solo vacation, give the people you trust a copy of your itinerary. Use smartphone applications to share your location so that any one of them can tell where you are in real-time. It’s also better to research beforehand which places along your route have poor cell reception.

Those who go hiking alone leave notes and instructions on their van, and you should, too. In case you get lost or injured, authorities would find a copy of your hiking trail and emergency contact.

Create Backup Plans

Having a backup plan–even two–can help you deal wisely with unexpected changes in your itinerary. This is especially important in choosing your campsite. Experienced travelers

recommend leaving the grounds in case you feel unsure or unsafe, even for no apparent reason. When you do leave, you’ll know exactly where to go next. Likewise, mapping out all the gas stations, alternate routes, and tourist destinations will help you deal better with disrupted plans.

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  • Smart advice. I don’t think I would have the courage to do it myself.


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