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Spring Time is Pergola Time

A pergola is a great outdoor installation that comes to life when spring hits. It’s a structure made up of parallel colonnades with an open roof. As more people discover the merits of designing outdoor entertainment and social areas, pergolas have become a favorite. They accentuate beauty and serve numerous functionalities. Since spring is around the corner, it’s time to explore the pergolas.

Extend and Improve Your Living Space.

If you have an outdoor area, you can enjoy an extended living space with hardscaping installations. Decks and patios are great for hosting outdoor dining spaces, entertainment areas and kitchens. However, summer and spring time present a big problem; the scorching sun. Pergola offers protection from poor weather and increases the amount of time you can spend in outdoor spaces. When you get the orientation right, pergolas can cast a shade on outdoor spaces and make an afternoon in your patio enjoyable. For more protection, you can install a retractable shade cover. It filters out harsh light and can protect you from light spring rain. Pergolas offer a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces improving the overall living experience.

Pergola Design Options

There is no limit to pergola designs. However, kit designs are available for those who don’t want to take time to personalize their final build. Kit designs lack design flexibility since you are limited to defined shapes and dimensions. Custom designs are versatile but they present a dilemma; which materials to choose:

Vinyl: This is the ideal choice if you are looking for a low maintenance pergola. It’s durable and performs well. However, vinyl pergolas do not welcome color variations. Color choices are limited to the manufacturer’s options. You cannot easily paint the pergola for customization.

Fiberglass: The benefits of fiberglass pergolas are innumerable. The material is strong and can stretch longer distances without support posts. With up to 20 feet between posts, the pergola offers a cleaner look. Moreover, fiberglass pergolas are versatile. They fit perfectly onto decks and patios. The fiberglass pergola can also take any color since it holds paint better than wood. The pergola is also lightweight making installation easy.

Pressure-treated wood: This is the most affordable option for pergola. It has a great value for money owing to the benefits accrued from installation. Although pressured wood has a reasonable lifespan, it cracks and warps over time.

Cedar wood: Although more expensive than pressure-treated wood, cedar wood pergolas have a longer serviceable lifespan. Cedar pergola looks beautiful straight from the sawmill. It also has natural insect resistant properties.

Metal: Metal pergolas are durable. The material is robust and galvanizing the surface makes it highly resistant to damage. Regular application of sealers also keeps rust from the metal.

PVC: While wood and metal are vulnerable to the outdoor elements, PVC is resistant and equally as strong. PVC pergolas also do not need much maintenance.

Brick: Stone and brick pergolas seamlessly blend to the house designs making them the perfect selection for installations attached to a house’s wall. The design also does not disappoint when it comes to durability.

Entertainment Area Renovation

If you have an outdoor entertainment area, a pergola is a great addition. It supports chandeliers, ceiling fans, speakers, string lights and fabric. Some unique designs have vegetation with climbing plants and colorful flowers. Pergolas ensure your entertainment area has unlimited design possibilities.  The only limit is your imagination.

Pergolas are great additions to outdoor spaces. They have a versatile design and can fit any space. Moreover, there is a pergola for every budget. As spring approaches, take time to pick out a pergola that will enhance your outdoor space.





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  • That is pretty. If we owned a home I would love one!

  • I’m so excited for warm weather! We have been talking about getting one of these forever. I think it would make a great addition to our home!

  • Looks like a nice big space to have!


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