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4 Ways To Maintain Your Garden Patio

Patios can make a great addition to any garden. They make the perfect spot for dining outdoors and they’re a great way to make your garden more easy to manage. Although patio stones have a long life expectancy, they still need to be maintained.

Over the years, you may notice cracks, holes, or weeds across your patio stones. These are usually fixable so you won’t have to worry about replacing stones if you’re on top of it. Take a look at how to maintain your patio in the long run.

4 Ways To Maintain Your Garden Patio

Remove Weeds

It’s common for weeds to grow in between stones and in any cracks. If the weeds aren’t removed as soon as possible, they will continue to grow. If they continue to grow, they’re more likely to widen the cracks that are already there and cause more damage to your patio. Removing weeds should be at the top of any garden jobs to-do list.

Weeds should be removed from the root if possible but this isn’t always easy when weeds grow underneath stones. If you can’t get to the root, make sure to use weed killer so the weeds have no chance at continuing to grow.

Jet Wash

One of the best ways to keep your patio stones clean all year round is by jet washing them. At Monster Washers, you can hire a professional to do the work for you. The benefits of jet washing your patio include clearing debris and removing any hazards so you and your family don’t have an accident.

It will also keep your patio looking neat and tidy by removing dirt and grime which is ideal if you have visitors. It’s much quicker than brushing the patio yourself and you can be sure that wet dirt will be washed away down the nearest drain rather than worrying about dry dirt blowing straight back across your stones.

Refill Joints

The joints in your patio stones are what connects one stone to the other. Along with killing any weeds that grow in these joints, you may find that you need to refill them occasionally. Try using a jointing stabilizer which binds sand particles together to reduce the risk of erosion.

This is simple to do at home by yourself but you may want to hire a professional for peace of mind. When you keep up with these refills, you’re less likely to have to worry about weeds.

Seal Patio Stones 

If you want to protect your stones and make sure they’re as durable as possible, you’ll need to seal them. Using a sealant will stop moisture from seeping into the concrete. When moisture is absorbed by the concrete, it can cause damage.

However, because these stones need to be cleaned regularly, it runs the risk of the sealant failing from time to time. It’s important to reapply the sealant every couple of years to ensure maximum protection.

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