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5 Best Ways to Monetize Your Website

If you’ve put in the hard work of building a website and attracting a loyal fanbase of regular visitors and your web traffic is at a point where it could make you some money, you’ve no doubt thought about some way that you can monetize your website and earn something for all your hard work.

There are a few great options to monetize your website today, and we’re going to take a quick look at five of them.

Create a Premium Section

If you provide content of some kind on your website, whether in the form of a blog, podcast or other form of content and have a good and loyal audience, consider making some of your content free and some of it premium, accessible by a subscription. Services like Patreon make this quite easy to do, and many content management systems have plugins that can help you accomplish this on your own platform too. This option carries some risk of course, as you’re potentially cutting off some of your audience from your content.

Become an Affiliate

A very popular way of monetizing your website is by using affiliate marketing. If your site does reviews or product news and information content, then creating an affiliate link is a natural integration. The Amazon Affiliate program is still the most popular affiliate program and requires nothing more than signing up to the program and including special embedded links to products for which you’ll receive a small commission percentage. And the great thing about doing affiliate website, is how easily you can sell Amazon business website when you need some huge sum of cash.

There are other companies that offer the same deal for subscription-based services like VPNs or streaming services too if that’s more up your street.

Run Some Sponsored Posts

If you have a blog or deliver content, taking on some sponsored posts can generate some income for you too. Usually this would mean running a post that promotes a product, service, or something else in exchange for some money or for a percentage of click-through fees. You can partner with a service or company that is close in content to the niche of your website too, so the sponsored post can tie in well. Just remember that marking these posts as sponsored can help build trust with your audience.

Create Some Ad Space

Dedicating some space on your website for adverts can be lucrative too, depending on the amount of traffic you have coming to your site, and services like Google AdSense make displaying adverts incredibly simple. All you have to do is sign up to the service, satisfy some admin requirements and then add some code where you want these ads to appear. From there, you can leave the rest up to the advertiser. There’s no need to find people to advertise or deal with companies – the ad service will do it all for you. You’ll be paid based on either the number of clicks or the number of impressions, depending on the advertiser.

Sell Something

Of course, the tried and tested way of making some money shouldn’t be forgotten about – sell something. Perhaps this can be some products that relate to your website, or it could be some branded merchandise with your logo or branding on it. There’s money to be made in retail if you do it right, and if your website has the traffic and following to support it.

Making money from your website is all about the strategy you employ to do so and striking a careful balance between content and advertising. Keep your content strong and interesting so that people keep visiting and don’t overwhelm visitors with ads or they’ll quickly stop visiting your website and you’ll be making money in no time.

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