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Great Products for Home and Recreation

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches has received products from some of the brands below, to facilitate this publication which is part of our Gift Ideas and Buying Guide series.  Information and images come directly from the brands.  Any opinions stated are those of the author(s).

So many awesome products to share with you today…all courtesy of Everything Branding. I’ll bet there are several that would be perfect for you and/or your family. From the kitchen, to the bedroom,  to beauty, to the car, to on the go fun.  A little something for everyone!

Great Products for Home and Recreation

Everything Branding

DNA Vibe

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I suffer from chronic illness and pain.  I’m open to anything that will help me lead a more productive (and comfortable) life. I used to pay a lot to receive this kind of therapy at a chiropractors office…now I can get almost the exact same therapy at home!

Info from DNA Vibe

DNA Vibe’s one-word Mission Statements says it all: “THR!VE”

Our passion and purpose is to empower more people around the world to live better lives: to do more of what they love, at a higher level, and for a longer time: to THR!VE”.

Why DNA Vibe?

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Everything Branding


This is one of those things you never knew that you NEEDED, but once you have it, you honestly don’t know how you lived without it!!!!


Info from StoveShelf

A Range of Possibilities

“StoveShelf is the first, and only magnetic shelf for your kitchen stove. It provides hassle free, zero installation, instant counter space.

Our patent-pending magnetic design allows for zero installation – just take it out of the box, set it on your stove, and revel in your great decision.

Whether your kitchen stove is flat or slightly curved, StoveShelf™ works! The magnets on StoveShelf™ are actually positioned with curved stoves in mind. Even if there is a slight gap on either end due to the curved nature of your stove, StoveShelf™ holds with ample force.

The high-quality stainless steel and black and white powder coated finishes allow for easy clean-up of any kitchen spill or splatter. Go ahead and clean StoveShelf™ as you would your kitchen counter tops or any other kitchen appliance. Hand wash only.

Food-grade stainless steel as well as black and white powder coated options mean StoveShelf™ will complement any kitchen décor. Which finish best matches your kitchen stove?

Don’t drill holes into your kitchen backsplash! Our patent-pending magnetic design means no drills, no screws, no holes, no glues, and best of all – NO INSTALLATION! Simply take your StoveShelf™ out of the box, set it on your stove, and revel in your good fortune. You have just increased your kitchen storage space; it’s that easy.  “

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Everything Branding

Honydew Sleep Scrumptious Pillows

Need / want a special pillow? Honeydew is the place to shop.  Classic Pillows, Side Sleeper Pillows, Travel Pillows, Essence Pillows, and my favorite…Body Pillows. I’ve been searching for the perfect body pillow and have finally found it.  So many are weirdly shaped, or too wide.  The Body by Honeydew is, as Goldilocks would say…JUST RIGHT!  It truly is.  Just the right weight, just the right shape, and just the right size.  It’s sturdy but you can sink right into it.

Honeydew Sleep

Info from Honeydew Sleep

Ultimate Comfort From Head to Toe

“Body by Honeydew is the ultimate sleep companion.

This pillow will bring out the cuddler in everyone who wraps their arms around it. Not only does it have an incredibly luxurious and huggable feel, but just like a hug it delivers immeasurable health benefits like comfort, support, deeper relaxation, sounder sleep, and a night so soothing you can’t help but wake up with a smile.

About Us

We are a family business with more than 30 years of experience in the sleep industry.

We realized that more and more often, we knew exactly what kind of pillow our customers would love, but it didn’t seem to exist in the current market. Armed with our knowledge we searched far and wide for products that would live up to our standards, and perfectly meet the needs that our customers repeatedly expressed to us.

Ultimately, the products that we came across disappointed us in one way or another, and would end up falling short of our high expectations. We quickly began to realize that the pillow we dreamed of was not yet in existence, and decided that it was our job to make it come to life. So in 2014, we created the company Drift (read about our transition from Drift to Honeydew here), and set out of an unexpectedly arduous journey to create the perfect pillow. This became our mission, and turned into quite the labor of love. Through all of our trials, hurdles and endless prototypes, we whole-heartedly believe that we have found a way to get you the perfect pillow.

Our pillows are handcrafted with utmost quality, purpose, and passion. Our hearts are poured right into the innovative design, the luxurious fabrics, the carefully cultivated fill, every stitch and every seam. We are incredibly proud of the products that we make and we know that you will love them as much as we do.

As a company we promise we will strive to be true. To be trusted. To be transparent. To run our business like we do our family, where everyone is heard, respected, supported and encouraged. We love each other, trust each other, and challenge each other to be better and do better. When you purchase our product, you become an extension of our family and can expect to be treated the same way.

Thank you for trusting us with your sleep, and welcome to the Honeydew family. 🙂

Meet the Most Scrumptious Pillows in the World! Honeydew Pillows – The Perfect Place to Rest Your Melon.”

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Everything Branding

 Mozy Wearable Blanket

Here in Florida, it doesn’t get cold very often, but when it does, it can be bone chilling because of the humidity. I don’t have the opportunity very often to be out in the cold, but I have grown grandsons who love to hike and camp all up and down the East Coast.  This is a perfect solution for them…during chilly nights on the trail!


Info from Mozy

“Mozy is an innovative, lower-body wrap designed for superior warmth and seamless mobility. Our product is scientifically engineered to retain heat and provide you comfort in any outdoor setting. Mozy’s goal is simple – to help you Live.Life.Warmly.! 

Our story starts with a freezing parent, at his son’s outdoor soccer game. Even though our founder Charlie was all bundled up, the metal bleachers were too cold to sit on. He noticed other parents, even those with stadium blankets struggling to stay warm. He knew there had to be a better way to enjoy outdoor events without freezing or running back and forth to the car to warm up. Two years, and 37 design iterations later we bring you Mozy. We wouldn’t be here without you. 

Thermic Innovations LLC is an engineering company based in Westport, CT that develops and markets innovative apparel designs to help people live life warmly.”

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Everything Branding


Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you get an itch in a place you can’t reach?  What about needing to apply lotion of sunscreen to the middle of your back?  Bearback is the solution! Attachments: Dry Brush / Back Scratcher / Massage Roller / Lotion Roller


Info from Bearback

“Premium quality self-care tools, including the popular bearback back & body scratcher and the bearback lotion applicator.

The Bearback Story

Bearback was started by the Duvall family in Alpharetta, Georgia. All of our operations are managed by an amazing mom of three kids – though the entire family (kids and all) geek out on taking great care of our customers.

Our original product was the Bearback Back & Body Scratcher…so I guess you could say we started this business from scratch! We created this first product to help people who struggled to find the perfect solution for scratching their backs – particular those with range of motion issues or challenging skin care needs. Based on the influx of positive customer responses, we realized that we were just scratching the surface – people everywhere were looking for a better way to solve all kinds of challenging back & body self-care needs. Ever since, this has been our mission, and we care deeply about enhancing our customers’ quality of life.

We are honored to have received thousands of glowing customer reviews, countless customer “thank you” emails, and lots of positive media attention.

Our family would like to thank you for your support, and being the reason we do what we do every day!”

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Everything Branding

J & L Naturals

From the products to the packaging…J & L Naturals are just that.  Sustainable, Vegan, Cruelty Free (so important to me), made in small batches, and 100% NATURAL. Top notch quality products that you can FEEL GOOD about using!

J & L Naturals

Info from J & L Naturals

“Welcome to J&L Naturals where our mission is to deliver high quality products made with simple ingredients which are both good for you and our environment.

Hello! We’re Jenn and Laith, husband and wife with a passion for nature and earth-friendly living. We founded J&L Naturals for one reason: to provide a better, simpler, and more sustainable way to shop.

Small lifestyle changes can lead to big change. We hope you’ll join us in our journey!”

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Everything Branding


Chunk Nibbles

When a company provides a SUPERIOR PRODUCT and then uses their profits for GOOD, I’m sold.  This stuff is crunchy and sweet and sort or like a potato chip…you can’t stop at just one.  And then when I found out that they donate to Blue Star Service Dogs, I was elated! I lost my Service Dog, Gabe, almost 3 years ago.  His loss still leaves a whole in my heart.  Unless you’ve actually needed a Service Dog, you can’t even begin to imagine what they can do to change someone’s life for the better.  Chunk Nibbles, I salute you!

Chunk Nibbles

Info from Chunk Nibbles

“Michigan family business focusing on hand crafting the best quality sweet & salty treats that you can’t put down!

It all began with holiday cheer, tummies full of homemade goods, and one heck of a great idea. Our president, Bradley Cocklin, founded Chunk Nibbles based on his passion to spread joy and to share his family’s tradition with the rest of the world. The recipe behind Chunk Nibbles is one his grandmother, Cuddy, has been using for decades. It has since been passed down to his mother, Marian, and now it’s yours to enjoy!

Chunk Nibbles is a sweet and salty gourmet snack mix that’s hard to put down. Perfect for having around the house (kids love it!) or for pulling out when you have visitors. It’s the perfect dish to bring to any holiday or birthday party!

We offer various sizes for special events, such as weddings, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, birthday parties, baby showers, anniversary parties, and corporate events.

Chunk Nibbles has also partnered with Blue Star Service Dogs a non-profit organization that rescues and trains shelter dogs to be service dogs, and pairs them to military veterans living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) or Traumatic Brain Injury (“TBI”). A portion of each and every unit that Chunk Nibbles™ sells is donated directly to Blue Star to fund them in their mission to “Rescue One to Heal Another.” To learn more about Blue Star Service Dogs, check them out at

We hope your family will enjoy Chunk Nibbles just as much as ours does!”

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Everything Branding


Shop by featured collections, modern, artisanal, playful, or space; living, dining, kitchen, bedroom, kids room, bathroom, working playing hosting, backyard.  So many fun and functional items.  Just take a look at a few below!


Info from Cribsi

“Cribsi offers a mix of modern and artisanal products for every space in your home. Simple lines & calmness of modern balanced by the warmth & uniqueness of artisanal, with some whimsical elements sprinkled in. Free US shipping & easy returns.

Welcome to cribsi. We hope you’ll find some nice touches to add to your home from our mix of modern and artisanal products.
We love the simple lines and calmness of modern design, but we look to balance it with the material warmth and uniqueness of artisan pieces. We look for design that emphasizes functionality, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously, so you may find some playful elements sprinkled in every collection.”

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Everything Branding








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