5 Common Interior Design Mistakes

Interior design and interior decorating are two different worlds; mostly because anyone can call themselves an interior decorator. Interior design, on the other hand, is a far more complex world with a much deeper understanding of the field. That should not deter you from getting into interior design as a hobby or even as a business

5 common interior design mistakes that are made in this field that you should be aware of, especially if you are considering becoming an interior designer.

5 Common Interior Design Mistakes

  1. Not Budgeting

As with most projects, and really anything in life, you need to go into it with a budget. Furniture and décor item costs can quickly rack up, especially if you’re not paying attention. Decide on a budget for your interior design project and then try your best to stick to it. Get a few quality pieces, especially for areas that you’ll spend a lot of time in – like sofas and living room entertainment centers, for the rest of your project you can get by with cheaper accent pieces to compliment the bigger ticket items.

  1. Not Having A Plan

Going into an interior design project without a plan is the worst idea and such a commonly made mistake. Planning interior design projects is as important as planning big renovations. Spend time considering what you want the result to be and then put together a mood board and a detailed plan on how you plan to achieve that result. Each step of the plan can be detailed if you like but at the least, you need to have a clear overview of what you are trying to achieve.

  1. Matching Design Elements

I have seen rookie interior designers make this mistake time and time again throughout my career and it is a simple thing to avoid. Just because furniture items have matching pieces does NOT mean you have to buy matching sets. Mix things up to breathe new life into a room by placing pieces that don’t necessarily match but are complementary. For example, an organic design look and feel is based largely on natural materials, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add one or two more modern pieces that combine with the natural pieces to create a trendy modern-organic space.

  1. Using The Wrong Pieces

Oversized or undersized area rugs are devastating to the overall look of a room and yet this is one of the most common mistakes that some designers consistently make, despite numerous rug guides being readily available online. The same goes for mirrors that don’t suit the size of the room and lighting that just doesn’t fit. Always be mindful of the space you have to work with and buy the design elements that suit the size of the room. Also, don’t choose pieces that will clash with the theme of your room. A Mediterranian villa vibe will not go along with an oriental theme.

  1. Failing To Have A Focal Point

Interior design is all about creating a focal point within the room, if you fail to do this then you’ve failed to make your intended statement. Once you’ve created your plan it will be a lot easier to see where you can fit the focal point into the area – building onto that focal point then becomes easier. Once you’ve nailed your focal point then everything else just has a natural flow.

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  • I know I’ve made many mistakes here. I am pretty terrible with decorating.

  • I am definitely not a designer, but we do stick to a budget when buying furniture, and of course try to match our current style.

  • I really enjoyed reading this post, it’s really informative. I have to make sure to avoid these mistakes.

  • I am a very creative person but struggle with home decor/design. These are very helpful tips!

  • These are all really great tips thank you so much for sharing this with us I really enjoy reading this


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