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Planning Ahead: How Long Will It Take to Complete Your Home Renovation?

Every homeowner, at some point or another, will want to update or remodel different areas of the home. Any renovation project can greatly interfere with the resident’s daily life. This makes planning the renovations really important to ensure a minimal impact on the various things household members need to do.

Unfortunately, it can be really hard to determine the definitive time frame that renovation projects will take. The time depends greatly on how big the project is. There is also consideration needed for projects that require plumbing or electrical work. These require contractors that work on their own schedule. This guide can help create an approximation for planning renovations.

Minor Renovations

For minor changes in or around the home, the time frame for the work can range from a weekend or two up to three months. Landscaping jobs, new countertops, replacing flooring, or other cosmetic repairs, can often be done in a short amount of time with the only major equipment needed being a Dumpster Rental.

With minor renovations, the majority of the time it takes to complete the job is often spent on planning and gathering the necessary materials. Clearing out the old carpeting, shrubbery, or countertops and dumping them in a rental dumpster can often take just a few hours or a weekend.

Replacing the flooring, countertops, or even planting various ornamental plants can often eat up some time. However, if the job is simply cosmetic and no special contractors are needed for plumbing or electrical repairs, these renovations can require little time to get the home back to normal.

Moderate Changes or Remodeling

More moderate renovations to the home can take between a few weeks and six months. These moderate projects include renovations that may need a room in the home to be mostly gutted. The timeframe is greatly dependent on the size of the room and the plumbing or electrical repairs needed.

A moderate renovation tends to include most home renovations that do not require major repairs or structural changes. This can be a complete tear-out of the kitchen and moving the kitchen sink. This job would require a plumbing contractor to help with the sink installation. With the cabinetry and plumbing work, this job could take most of the six-month period to complete.

Major Projects

When completely overhauling a home, the time frame can become quite lengthy. For many home flippers, a complete remodel is necessary to make a profit on their purchase. This can require gutting the home to replace and repair most of the aspects of the home.

Major projects can easily take a year or even longer, depending on the repairs that must be made. Structural problems and major electrical or plumbing repairs or replacement can often require a considerable amount of time to ensure they are done right.

Although the entire home may be easily gutted in a few short weeks, putting it all back together can be a bit more complicated. The best way to estimate a time frame is to break the renovations down into their parts. Each repair or replacement will require a certain amount of time to be completed.

Adding each repair consecutively, however, is not always a fair assessment of the time needed. There are some repairs that must wait for others to be completed, but some projects can be managed at the same time if there are enough workers available. For example, new windows can be installed while having the roof replaced on a home.

Regardless of the renovation type, homeowners should always plan for the longest time frame. This can ensure they are prepared for problems and delays in repairs. It can also provide a pleasant surprise when the work is completed early.


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