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Parts of Your Home You Can Change (Even if You Think You Can’t!)

We think that we need to take our home as it is. If we have been renting for so long, we may believe that we just need to move into a property that immediately suits our needs, but you have to remember that your new home is something that you can change. In fact, there are so many different permutations. Let’s show you some of the parts of your home that you may not necessarily think you can change, but you can.

Parts of Your Home You Can Change

The Roof

We can change our roof for many different reasons. For example, if you live in a coastal area, and the roof is made of copper, you could change this to aluminum as this is a more resistant material to salt corrosion. What’s more, you may think that a roof only comes in certain colors, meaning there is limited scope for style. But there are many metal roof colors to suit your style and needs. We need a roof over our heads, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

The Proportions of the Property

If you want to make a significant renovation, you can change the proportions of the building. You could extend the house outwards or upwards. This is a wonderful option if you feel that the home could do with more symmetry. Also, if the previous owners had extended the property, but it was not to your taste, you could make significant alterations to the proportions of your property. Of course, you have to remember that this is all dependent on planning permission. It is possible to add an extension to the property, but it is not just about pleasing your needs; make sure that the neighbors are happy with it as well.

The Windows

The windows of the eyes of the house. And you may think that your window needs to stay in a certain shape, but when you are redesigning your home, you can fit replacement windows, alter the size and shape of window openings, and with so many different types of window frames available, you can completely reinvigorate the style of the property. There are so many opportunities to make a statement with your property. We tend to think that the windows are just part of the property and we need to keep them as they are. But replacement windows could make a significant alteration to the overall character of your property.

The Exterior Finishes

If your home hasn’t had any changes since the 1980s, you can change the exterior to give it a completely new look. The exterior finishes can be done through rendering and repenting especially if the original brickwork has been damaged. You can add Cladding to your home’s exterior, and this will make a significant difference to the quality of the aesthetics.

Of course, you can change your garden to shake up the property, but when you really want to make changes to things that completely alter the character of the home, the sky’s the limit.


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