5 Dangers of Working as a Teacher

Being a teacher is a very rewarding and satisfying profession to be in but it is not without its challenges and there are always potential issues that you have to be wary of when you are working in a classroom environment.

It is not something you might have even considered about working as a teacher but as most successful sex crime lawyers will likely confirm, there are many instances where a teacher has found themselves deafening their reputation against an unwelcome allegation.

Here are some of the dangerous aspects of working as a teacher that you need to think about.

Professional standards

It is abundantly clear that teachers hold a position of trust and respect in the community as they have been entrusted to educate our children and help them develop into successful adults.

That level of responsibility is supported by a robust professional ethical code of conduct designed to ensure that you serve to be a role model for your students.

This ethical code means you always have to interact with students in a professional manner and any displays of favoritism, bullying, or inappropriate behavior will often have severe consequences on your ability to continue in your employment.

Always aim to maintain contact with students within the classroom and only on school-related activities outside of school time.

Safety in the workplace

You are also responsible for the safety of your students while they are in your care and that means you have to concentrate on maintaining the right safety standards and procedures in the classroom.

It is your duty to report any bullying or harassment incidents that you witness or you could be accused of not doing enough to protect a student.

The risk of illness

Something that may not be immediately obvious to you as a teacher is a fact that you expose yourself to a greater level of disease transmission and illness.

Diseases and illness are a risk to your immune system and they are one of the biggest classroom hazards that you need to be wary of.

Safety in a classroom includes everything, though. You need to consider everyone’s health. In order to avoid the contagious disease, you might use classroom dividers.


Although the role of teaching can be hugely rewarding it also presents plenty of opportunities to suffer from work-related stress.

There are many aspects of the job that can be stressful and the pressure to achieve targets and perform to your best at all times can take a toll on your health.

You need to be mindful of this and look after your health so that you do your best to avoid work-related stress.

Legal minefield

The teaching profession is subject to a whole host of legal complexities and challenges and it is a job that tends to attract its fair share of litigation.

If you fail to comply with any of these educational laws or ethical codes of conduct you put yourself at risk of being sued. If that happens, there is the very real prospect that you could end up losing the professional status and credentials that you have worked so hard to achieve.

Going into the world of teaching with your eyes wide open would be a good idea and if you are aware of the potential dangers it should enable you to maintain a disciplined approach that maintains and enhances your good reputation.

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  • I have a family full of teachers and they all know this better than anyone.


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