5 Self-Care Products to Buy Yourself This Week

Even if you’re not a Taurus, the astrological self-care masters, you should still make an effort to treat yourself every now and then. Self-care, especially during a pandemic, is an important part of your physical and mental well-being.

Whether you gift yourself with some tasty gummy treats or you find the perfect new panty set to make yourself feel fabulous, it’s time to do some looking out for number one. Here are a few quick and easy self-care shopping splurges you can get your hands on this week.

CBD Gummies

If you haven’t tried CBD, or cannabidiol, before, what better time than now? And did you know that you can take cbd gummies for pain? Unlike THC (you know, the “get high” part of marijuana), CBD products don’t contain any psychoactive properties. Plus, if you’re not interested in the hemp flavor of CBD oil (or the greenish color), a cute, tasty gummy bear might be the perfect choice for you. When you’re picking out the best CBD gummy for your needs, look for ones that are vegan and don’t contain GMOs or pesticides. Vegan CBD gummies 750mg and organic CBD gummies are great for the eco-conscious shopper. Not only will the cannabinoids help you feel good but you can relax knowing you’re a conscientious shopper when you buy the right CBD edibles.

Sexy Thong or Panty Set

When’s the last time you bought yourself some women’s underwear? No, not boyfriend briefs or a bikini. Real sexy, lacy underwear. Think about the kind of underwear that makes you feel like the best part about wearing it is seeing yourself in the mirror. The kind of underwear that makes you say “Dang, I look good.” That underwear that you don’t even show off to your boyfriend because you’re busy showing it off to yourself. If you haven’t bought a panty or thong that makes you feel that good lately, now’s an excellent time. Treat yourself with the best pairs of panties and thongs from one of the leading brands like Knotty Knickers and find your true confident self through your attire.

A New Cookbook

Are you interested in learning about organic ingredients? Tired of using unhealthy vegetable oil in your cooking? Want to bring out the natural flavors of vegetables? Get yourself a cookbook that shows you how to make the most of natural ingredients. Healthy and edible? That sounds like a win-win. Ditch the blood sugar-spiking corn syrup and say goodbye to the processed foods with artificial colors and even more

artificial sweeteners. Instead, opt for recipes that use organic cane sugar, a reasonable level of sodium, and lots of fresh produce. You can also find cookbooks that teach you how to meal prep so you can continue to eat well on your busy days.

Spa Products

Does stress give you inflammation? Are you constantly frustrated and need your self-care to be a bit more full-coverage? It might be time to give your body the highest-quality home spa treatment you can afford. From a zesty lemon balm to a grape and wildberry bath bomb, there are plenty of small little spa gifts you can get yourself. Remember your good friend CBD? Some of the best CBD products are actually self-care salves, lotions, and tinctures. The potency you choose is up to you but adding any amount of CBD into your bath could bring a big smile to your face.

An Aromatherapy Diffuser

Do you have difficulty unwinding or sleeping? It’s a stressful time for many. The good news is that there are essential oils that can help you out in that department. With plenty of scents and “flavors,” from cotton candy and pumpkin to ginger, there’s a reason these are called “essentials.” They smell excellent and can help take your worries away. Just watch your dosage because these oils are potent. The best quality essential oils truly have therapeutic benefits and can provide some positive results.

Self-care doesn’t have to be spendy or flashy but it does need to be about you. Whether you’re picking up some organic hemp and vegan gummies or you’re splurging a bit on a new bra, give yourself a little gift. You don’t even have to pretend to be surprised when you open it.

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