5 Signs You May Have Bed BugsWhile no pest is fun to have, bed bugs are most certainly among the most horror and anxiety producing. If you’ve recently stayed in a hotel or bought secondhand furniture and suspect you might have brought bed bugs in your home, you are now in need of professional bed bug extermination. Should the need arise, do not hesitate to seek Bed Bug Compensation.

Be aware that there are five signs in particular to be on the lookout for to confirm your suspicions.

1. Visual Inspection

One of the best and easiest things you can do is visually inspect your bed or secondhand furniture to see if you can spot the small bugs. Specifically, you might notice their cast-off shells, spots of blood on your sheets, or small spots of fecal matter. This is a good starting point for determining if you have bed bugs, but don’t just stop here.

2. Physical Symptoms

Even if you don’t see signs of bed bugs, you might feel them. Maybe you’ve noticed odd welts or patches of itchiness on your skin. These are most likely bite areas where bugs have snacked on your blood. Such bites are especially common on areas of skin that are exposed while you’re sleeping, so check your arms and neck, specifically.

3. Using Interception Devices

There are special devices you can position under or just next to the legs of your bed or couch to see if you have bed bugs and need the help of a pest control company. How they work is as bed bugs move around in your home, they become trapped inside interception devices so you have visual proof and confirmation that you have them. Devices should be left in place for three to four weeks, and you’ll want to take a look at them every few days.

4. Box Spring and Mattress Encasements

You may find you have an easier time seeing bed bugs if you wrap your mattress and box springs in encasements. Even if you don’t have bed bugs, protecting your bed with encasements is a good way to keep them from finding a home in your bed.

5. A Noxious Smell

Have you smelled something off in your bedroom, something that has a musty scent? If so, you might be smelling the pheromones bed bugs give off. The fact that you can smell the pheromones could indicate a sizeable bed bug population. Schedule an inspection to see just what’s up.


5 Signs You May Have Bed Bugs

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