Calm Bedroom with Lovely Bedding - Turning Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Haven

Sleep is essential for living a healthy life. When you sleep, your body restores itself by repairing muscles and tissue, consolidating memories, and improving your overall health. If you’re constantly tossing and turning at night struggling to get some shuteye, your bedroom may be at fault.

The environment you sleep in plays a vital role in the amount of Zzz’s you catch each night, which is why it’s essential you invest in your bedroom to invest in your health.

Below, you’ll find five tips on how you can be turning your bedroom into a sleep haven. Sweet dreams!

1. Declutter

Walking into a room filled with clothes on the floor, an unmade bed, and boxes of cookies from late-night Netflix binges can instantly boost anxiety. In fact, a messy room can actually be bad for your overall health, leading to anxiety, depression, and anxiety.

To ensure you’re going to bed and waking up as your bed self, it’s essential you declutter and clean your room (and keep it that way!). To draw some inspiration, just watch Marie Kondo’s Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. She’ll show you how to get rid of some of your most prized items with ease and no guilt.

To declutter and stay organized, purchase under-bed storage to pack away shoes, seasonal items, and other objects. You should also make sure you have enough hangers to keep your clothes off the floor and hidden in your closet. For personal and small items, purchase a desk or vanity with drawers to store makeup, papers, and other essentials.

2. Splurge on a comfortable mattress

As they say, you’re either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both. We spend over a third of our lives sleeping, which means having a comfortable mattress is one of the most important things you need in your bedroom. Mattresses can have a pretty expensive upfront cost. However, most beds have a lifespan of more than ten years, so it’s a worthy investment.

There are numerous mattress types on the market today, including innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses. So, what’s the difference between each? Let’s take a look:

  • Innerspring mattresses are what you commonly think of when you hear the word mattress. These beds are filled with individually wrapped coils for comfort and support. However, these mattresses are often more uncomfortable due to the fact that the springs can break down over time, begin to sag, and be noisy from squeaky springs.
  • Memory foam mattresses were first introduced to the world when NASA created a foam for helmets used by pilots. Today, memory foam beds are becoming more popular because they match the contours of the sleeper’s body to reduce pain, noise, motion transfer.
  • Hybrid mattresses blend the best of both worlds: innerspring and memory foam mattresses. If you like the feeling of a traditional mattress, hybrid mattresses are often more rigid because they used individually wrapped coils in the base. However, a layer of memory foam is introduced to the top to increase comfort and provide a better sleeping experience.

3. Invest in quality bedding

Your bed’s not the only thing worth investing in. So is the bedding you wrap yourself up in. Poor bedding can be one of the reasons your bedroom is keeping you awake. When looking for bedding, you want to make sure it fits first. So, if you have a king sized mattress, make sure you purchase king size bedding to reduce another trip to the store.

Bedroom with Large bed with lots of pillows - Turning Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Haven

If you’re a hot sleeper, bamboo sheets are a must. They’re more cooling than traditional cotton sheets and have the ability to wick away moisture, so you wake up every morning dry. Other bedding necessities include a memory foam pillow for enhanced neck support and a weighted blanket to reduce anxiety at night.

4. Add greenery

Plants are a simple fix if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to spruce up your bedroom. Houseplants, such as succulents and floor plants, make great additions to any room, not because they add a little personality and a splash of color, but because they have many health benefits, too! Take a look at the benefits of indoor plants:

  • Improved air quality
  • Help reduce stress
  • Promotes productivity
  • Enhances breathing
  • Puts you to sleep faster

5. Limit distractions

It’s easy to leave the TV on at night and wake up to an infomercial trying to sell you rare coin sets at 3 am. If you want to improve your sleep, make sure you get rid of distractions like these. Sorry, this means no TVs or screens in your bedroom, including your phone! The blue light emitted from screens delays the release of melatonin, the chemical that helps you fall asleep because it makes your body think it’s still daytime. Experts recommend reducing screen time at least an hour before bed, and to instead read a book, meditate, or stretch to get a good night’s sleep.

The bottom line

Getting a solid night of sleep is essential for your well-being. The first step to getting a solemn slumber is creating a bedroom that promotes sleep. With these five tips, from limiting distractions to investing in a comfortable mattress, will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.

5 Tips for Turning Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Haven

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