5 Tips to Making Your Home More Livable and Comfortable All Year Round

Your home is the heart of the family, and the place where we all tend to spend most of our time. But during summer or winter, it can be hard to create an indoor environment that is healthy, comfortable, and sustainable. 

Luckily, there is a lot that you can do to prevent lifestyle habits, temperature changes, and energy inefficiencies from affecting your home’s livability. Get started with the essential tips below! 

5 Tips to Making Your Home More Livable and Comfortable All Year Round

Address Your Outside Area

Your garden, lawn, or patio is a great place to hang out during the warmest months of the year, but it quickly falls into disuse as the temperatures begin to drop. However, this area of your home is an important one to remain active, enjoy seasonal changes, keep up with hobbies like gardening, and make new memories with your loved ones – all year round!

Some great ways to make the most of your garden during fall and winter include:

  • Invest in a veranda or patio that provides protection against the elements
  • Work with a professional to keep your pool open all year or install a hot tub
  • Enjoy winter activities and use your garden as a workout space
  • Install a fire pit or outdoor heater
  • Invest in high-quality outdoor furniture, and provide plenty of blankets and cushions
  • Store away your gardening tools and get your garden ready for spring in advance

Take Steps To Optimize Your Household’s Energy Use

Keeping your home’s indoor temperature balanced and comfortable can be a struggle, especially in the freezing weather of winter or during scorching summer days. However, technology might be the helping hand you have been looking for! 

With a smart thermostat and high-quality insulation, you can create a comfortable indoor environment while minimizing the waste of energy. And, this investment can also help you make your property smarter and more valuable!

Embrace Minimalism and Declutter Often

According to estimations by the EPA, indoor environments have much greater concentrations of pollutants compared to outdoor air. And, this is true even for homes located outside of large cities or highly industrialized areas!

But while indoor air quality isn’t something we often think about, it can greatly impact our physical well-being and increase the risk of developing respiratory issues. 

Let Nature In

There is no doubt that spending time in nature can positively impact our mental and physical health. But what if your home is located in an urban area? Luckily, embracing the principles of biophilic design can help!

From decorating with plants to using natural materials as part of your home’s interior design, letting nature inside your home can help you create a healthier and more peaceful environment for your family as a whole. 

Unsure how to get started? Consider swapping heaving drapes for lighter curtains, letting fresh air and sunlight in, and avoiding single-use items.

Rethink Your Home’s Layout

The events of the past two years have drastically changed everyone’s lifestyle. So, if you are now working from home and enjoying at-home workouts, you are certainly not the only one! However, if your goal is to create a home that can be livable all year round, don’t forget to rethink your property’s layout and create dedicated spaces that can help you enjoy your new lifestyle!



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  • really need the winter tips lol. thanks!

  • Thanks for this amazing post.

  • I always try to declutter when I can. I also love a house with natural light!

  • I do prefer to be minimalistic where possible. I try to declutter as regularly as possible to help me do this.

  • Every new year I try to do a major declutter. I always want to start the year off as a minimalist!

  • I always bring in nature. I love having flowers and plants around me.

  • These are all really great tips and ideas, for me having a great lighting on every house is very important.

  • Great tips! We lived in a small 1-bed apartment in Chicago that forced us to live minimalist. We loved it and have continued that in our house

  • These are great tips. I really need to bring nature into my house more.

  • These are great tips for sure and I love to keep my home tidy at all times.. that way when anyone pops over unannounced… I am good to go! I love some plants I the home too… they are natures natural air purifiers and they add that pretty pop of color throughout the home!

  • I love space so I declutter often. I love to have only necessary things and to change often decorations!

  • I do declutter often. I can’t stand too many things in the house,.

  • It is nice to focus on making the home as comfortable as possible. These are all good pointers to think about.


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