6 Awesome Photography Ideas at Home

Since the quarantine started, people have tried exploring new things. Photography is one of the most popular hobbies and a very handy one. But with this dreary climate, who says you can’t put a little touch of spice in your photos– all without leaving the house? You just need a camera or a phone, and boom! Everything is now set!

Here are some awesome photo techniques you can use to brighten up your feed and nurture your creative spirit!

1. Roll out all ‘em rugs

Your home is a tapestry of things, but it is also a haven for rugs. Even though rugs are usually placed for their decorative factor, they also help accentuate photographs. Laying out a rug can do wonders in itself– with the good camera work and lighting, it can make any room livelier.

If the rug you chose has a complicated design, it is recommended that you use artificial lighting to bring out the vibrancy of the colors. The light must be distributed as evenly as possible.

2. Bring out the minimalist in you

When taking a picture of a certain spot in your home, you need to pick the important furniture that needs to be highlighted or is necessary for the photo. Afterward, you can remove all the unnecessary stuff that puts too much clutter in the background: the fewer the elements, the better.

This idea is perfectly suitable for those in the real estate business or those looking to sell their homes. Minimalism can highlight the spaciousness of the place and appeal to the place’s general aesthetic. However, to enhance the place’s photos, it is advisable to require real estate photo editing services for best results.

3. Flaunt your collection

Whether vinyl or a coin collection, your prized collectibles are also considered one of the best photo-worthy ideas. Repetition is a great photography technique, and it can also create a great composition with the use of symmetry. If your collection also introduces various colors, it also enhances the photo’s uniqueness and eye-catching ability.

You can place the collection on a clean table with a solid color can hoist the group onto the wall.

4. Capture your furry pets

Your beloved pets can also star in your photographs and Instagram feed! With proper guidance, the pets can be trained to behave and pose for the camera. You can also make use of cute paraphernalia to stage some scenes with your pet.

Also, make sure that these pets will get their well-deserved treats after every photo. It will make this as fun for them as they are for you!

5. Into the window view

This technique is perfect for capturing the sunrise or the busy street below– windows are like portals to another world. You can catch the scenery outside, or you can capture someone admiring the view. Either way, you must be careful with the glass’ reflection, which in some cases may even add an extra touch.

6. A day in the life

Even though you think that your morning routine or your daily activities look mundane, they can also become a great photo collection or a photo essay. You can show people how you live your everyday life and how simple yet creative energy can be.


If you open your eyes to it, your house is home to different photography opportunities and creative outlets. Using mundane things found in your home, you can create the perfect Instagram photo of the day or even a complete photo collection showing your majestic home and awesome photography skills!

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