8 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Are Both Stylish And Practical For This Winter

Your bathroom is one of several rooms in your house that you use on a daily basis for various purposes. If your toilet and bathroom are connected, you might use it for toileting, hand-washing, face-washing, showering, bathing, and even cleaning. Many people want to leave their bathrooms as is because they are totally functional, but because you use it so frequently each day, why not consider updating it? The value of your home will rise as well if you improve your bathroom. Not only that, but when you have visitors, you won’t have to worry about the state of your bathroom disgusting them.

Here are some incredibly beautiful bathroom remodeling ideas to explore this winter.

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Install a walk in shower

All showers are walk in? I hear you say? While you must enter a shower, having one that is large enough to walk about in adds elegance and comfort to your bathroom. Consider purchasing a larger shower tray and surrounding screens to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom while also allowing you to sing and dance in the shower!

If retiling your shower isn’t an option, consider re-grouting your tiles and giving them a fresh coat of paint to update the look of the space. It’s quite inexpensive and simple to accomplish, and it can drastically transform the way your bathroom feels when you go in. A good scrub of your tiles and grouting can sometimes solve the problem, so that’s something you should attempt first.

Nothing is more frustrating than staying at someone’s house and figuring out how to use their shower. If your shower is old and temperamental, consider purchasing a new unit and having it installed. It will not only make your guests feel more at ease, but it will also make your showering experience much more pleasant!

Create a focal wall

Bathrooms aren’t typically the biggest of rooms when compared to other rooms in the house, but that’s no reason why you can’t decorate and maximize the space you do have! Feature walls are becoming more popular in bathrooms in this day and age as the other three plain walls draw the room out and make it look bigger. If you don’t like the idea of patterned wallpaper as a focal point, you could use decals from Story Of Home Decals for an elegant yet trendy upgrade for your bathroom.

Replace your sink

Even if you clean your bathroom sink regularly, it’s common for it to become grimy and worn over time. A new sink sometimes can completely transform the appearance of your bathroom. Designer sinks are available in a variety of styles and sizes. If you choose a funky-shaped basin, it will give your bathroom a more designer appearance.

You could also add LED lights to your faucets as an extra feature. They show you the temperature of the water by showing a different color for each. Imagine wowing your guests with that awesome feature in your home. Also, if you’re going into the bathroom in the middle of the night, you’d be able to see the faucets for washing your hands with ease.

It’s not uncommon to walk into a restroom and find that one of the taps is broken, and it’s generally the hot one. If this is the case in your home, hire a plumber to come in and fix the problem so you can use both taps. Always remember to wash your hands with soap and warm water after using the restroom or cleaning your bathroom to help eradicate germs.

Storage space

Storage space is something that many people overlook in their bathrooms. This is because it isn’t typically the first place that comes to mind when considering where you could add storage to your home. Consider purchasing or constructing a vanity cupboard behind your sink to store toiletries and vanity products away from wandering eyes.

You could also consider installing shelving to store items such as towels and extra bars of soap. When you’re in the bathroom, this is a wonderful way to make sure you never run out of storage space or towels.

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Matching towels

To add a touch of class to your bathroom, consider purchasing matching body towels, face towels, and flannels. If you have a specific color scheme in mind, sticking to it will help you tie everything together.

Plus, when you have visitors, you’ll be able to relax knowing that your bathroom is looking its best, and the matching towels will undoubtedly contribute to that. If you want to go any farther, acquire a bath mat and shower curtain in the same color or design to truly tie everything together.


You can modify the lighting in the area to create a more intimate atmosphere. When using the bathroom, adding a light with an air vent above your showerhead will allow you to have only that light on rather than one glaring light. Multicolored LED lights for extractor fans are now available, providing a fantastic source of light to the space.


Although you’d think this would be self-evident, many people don’t have a large enough mirror in their bathroom. Even if you’re only going to the bathroom, it’s likely that you’ll look in the mirror while washing your hands.

Make sure you have a good-sized mirror on the wall so you can easily beautify yourself and so visitors don’t feel out of place when they use your bathroom.

Soft closing toilet

When you’re in the bathroom late at night and forget that the lid closes loudly, it’s a nightmare. For peace and quiet at night, consider installing a soft shut toilet seat in your bathroom. Most DIY stores stock a wide variety of soft closing toilet seats to choose from, so you can find one that matches the décor of your bathroom.

Consider these eight bathroom design ideas, and you’ll soon have a much more elegant bathroom that you won’t be reluctant to show off. Remember that subtle details will drastically transform the look and feel of a space, so if you can’t afford big alterations, go for subtle and elegant!



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  • Such great ideas! We are doing this in 2022 and I’m already stressed but this article helped me prepare!

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  • We did some updates on our bathrooms like repainting, and changing the hardware and fixtures. Next on the list, install a walk-in shower.

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  • These are all wonderful remodeling ideas and nothing better than refreshing and updating a space. I am getting ready to install a heated towel rack in my bathroom and I cannot wait!


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