6 Vacation Spots Perfect For Families With Dogs

If there is one thing that Americans love to do, it’s to go on vacation. Breathing in the fresh, clean air, spending quality time with family and enjoying some time to relax are all part of the vacation package, and when you can do this and bring your dog with you at the same time? Well, that’s just vacation heaven!

6 Vacation Spots Perfect For Families With Dogs

Finding a destination that is pet friendly is a little more of a challenge, particularly as it can be so hard to find pet friendly airports to use rather than a huge road trip.  To be able to find a strong community of Yorkie dog lovers isn’t always easy, but if you want to bring your dog with you on vacation, you’re going to need to do some digging! Traveling with pets isn’t always simple and smooth, but if you can find like-minded individuals with the same dogs you have, you will be able to travel and make great friends with something in common, too. Pet dogs are a wonderful addition to any vacation, particularly if you’re going to have others know your dog, too Pets always pose a challenge when it comes to vacations, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t destinations out there that love to indulge a little puppy playtime. It’s better for you to stay relaxed on vacation and you can hardly relax if you haven’t got your dog with you, right? Well, we think so too, which is why we’ve put together some of the best vacation spots for your whole family – including the ones with paws.

6 Vacation Spots Perfect For Families With Dogs

San Diego.

Sun, sea and sand are all the perfect combination for a vacation to remember and for dog lovers, it makes for the best possible vacation spot – especially when you throw in 16 parks that you can use off-leash! Year round balmy weather means that you have somewhere to visit that’s comfortable. Too hot, and you can’t walk the dog without burning their paws (and you!) and too cold, and you’ll find your dog to be very uncomfortable. Balmy warm weather means you and your family can vacation in comfort, and the Lighthouse Ice Cream shop offers Frosty Paws – so when you and your children go for a frozen dessert, your pup isn’t left out. It’s a soy-based, sugar-free ice cream to spoil your dog. San Diego also has a dog-dedicated bakery with freshly baked doggy treats to eat. Along with the parks, there is a dedicated Dog Beach where your pooch can run and swim to their heart’s content.


People love coming here for the lively scene, the history and the great food, but your four-legged love will have a great time here, too. With 18 off-leash parks, several walking tours and the ability to take your pet to Austin Doga – that’s yoga for dogs – your pooch will have plenty of opportunity to wear their legs out! Austin is a wonderful place to vacation as a family, and with plenty of swimming opportunities for you, there are some for your dog, too. You can take him to Red Bud Isle, a dog-only swimming hole that can help them to work up an appetite. Most of the restaurants are pet friendly here, so you can take your dog for lunch with you and eat together.

San Francisco

It’s one of the top vacation destinations in America, and it’s a city that loves dogs, too. There are more than 50 parks that allow dogs and tons of hiking trails for those long and sought after walks. You can head to the bay for the Blue and Gold Fleet Bay Cruises and bring your dog along with you. He can even accompany you onto the city’s cable cars. With stacks of pooch-perfect restaurants, there’s no need to leave your dog out of the fun.

6 Vacation Spots Perfect For Families With Dogs


The 12th most walk-able big city, Portland has long been heralded as a place that is brilliant to take a vacation – and bring the dog. With more than 30 off-leash parks, dogs can run free and families can picnic without issue. The Powell Butte Trail is a scenic hiking spot that offers hours of fun in the forest. The restaurants around the city welcome behaved pets, so you don’t have to go too far out of your way to find somewhere good to eat a meal. You can even tour the wineries in August with your dog, and the annual Canaries Uncorked wine tours are perfect for those who want to bring their dog for a walk while they sip some of the finest wines around.


The Windy City is always a must on the list s of those who want to conquer America, one pet-friendly vacation at a time. Your dog is going to love the fact that there are more than 18 off-leash parks, 3 dog-friendly beaches on Lake Michigan and a ton of shops and restaurants that will welcome them through the doors. Montrose Dog Beach is the best around, and you can head to the fun 90 minute Mercury Canine Cruise on the Chicago River if you want to keep your dog cool on the hot summer days. The cruise ship has plenty of water bowls on board as well as restrooms for you all to use while on board.


As one of the single most popular big city destinations in general, Seattle is a particular favorite for those who love dogs. There are plenty of green areas for them to enjoy as well as a Seattle Ferry Services Sunday Ice Cream Cruise that dogs can join in with. Leashed dogs are welcome aboard and there is plenty of fresh air and scenery to enjoy. If your pooch needs a workout away from home and you want to have a change of scenery from the parks and beaches, then head to the K9 Fun Zone – an indoor delight for dogs that can be booked in for fun exercise for you both.

It may seem easier for some to pay for doggy boarding for a couple of weeks and avoid bringing the dog on a family vacation altogether, but for others, bringing the dog is a must. Spending time with the entire family include the members with more than two legs, and as there are so many places that you can bring your dog to enjoy the time you spend away, there’s no excuse to wave goodbye for a couple of weeks.


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