8 Inflatable Spa Features You Should Look For

The Inflatable spa is gaining attention these days because of the good feedback and benefits you can get at such an affordable price. With an inflatable spa, relaxation and hydrotherapy are within reach in a more convenient way.

This inflatable is flexible, as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has many features that are beneficial for your mind and body. It is also user-friendly and inexpensive, which means it is worth your every cent.

In choosing the best inflatable spa, here are some features you should consider before purchasing one:

1. Integrated water filtration system

In choosing an inflatable spa tub, it is best to select one that has an integrated water filtration system. This way, you can guarantee that the water is clean without exerting additional effort on your part.

Choosing this feature can assure you that dirty water will not affect your inflatable spa’s performance. Moreover, an integrated water filtration system is beneficial to your budget because you no longer need to buy a separate water filter for your tub.

2. Built-in water heater

For a perfect spa experience, hot water is essential. Warm or hot water is therapeutic and can help your physical being recover from stress. It is also safer than having a separate water heating system that can result in short circuit.

A built-in water heating tool can quickly control the warmness of the water based on your preference. It is easier to use and takes only a few seconds to achieve your desired temperature.

3. Sturdy design

To enjoy your spa experience with an inflatable tub, opt for a sturdy design. This means it is safe to use, and you can avoid unnecessary accidents or injuries.

Test the device with and without water to check how sturdy it can be. The stronger the material is, the more likely it will last despite regular usage.

4. Flexibility and portability

Flexibility makes an inflatable spa worth buying. Choose one that can be easily transported, deflated, and is handy.  It will give you the convenience you are looking for.

This way, you can take the inflatable tub anywhere you want to host a send-off party, birthday celebration, or any other occasion. Because of its portability, you do not have to worry about how you can move it from one place to another. You can easily deflate it and put in the trunk of your vehicle.

5. Fiber technology

With fiber technology, the inflatable tub is more durable and can handle more people without the risk of damage. Its plush interior walls are hard-wearing and can stand any weather condition and water temperature that you prefer.

You do not have to be concerned about your inflatable spa wearing out quickly. You can be at ease and comfortable whilst using it repeatedly.

6. Heavy-duty motor

A heavy-duty motor is suitable if you aim to use the inflatable spa more frequently. It is perfect if you often invite friends for gathering and relaxation at your home. This type of motor can appease your need for long soaks and relaxation.

It can heat and bubble-up the tub easily, which allows you to relish and appreciate the experience better than when you are in spa salons. Most importantly, the experience is customized, intimate, and personal.

7. Resistance to punctures

To avoid product replacement requests and repair requirements, make sure that your inflatable spa is puncture-resistant. Choose one that has a more durable material that would not be punctured or deflated easily, which could lead to permanent damage.

This feature will also not limit you in terms of where you want to put your inflatable spa. You can place it anywhere in your patio, bathroom, or wherever you see it fit and will give you privacy.  You can even bring it to a campsite amidst lush forests.

8. Easy controls

Easy controls are essential if you want to have a stress-free setup. With this, anyone can prepare the inflatable spa and use it. Direct commands are best because there would be fewer errors even if it is newly bought. They also make it easier to fix the inflatable if there is a need for unexpected repairs.

Getting the best inflatable spa is a form of investment. A good quality product will be worth your every cent, as you can save cost from going to a spa salon. Moreover, customizing your experience is a lot better than using a public spa.  With an inflatable spa, you can enjoy the privacy, security, and convenience of your own home.

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