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8 Truly Unique Valentines Gifts They’ll Absolutely Love and Cherish

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is a tradition that cherishes the loved one in your life. Those who celebrate the holiday are even spending an average of $60 more than previous years.

People are putting more energy into finding the perfect gift to show their feelings. They seek out-of-the-box ideas that are thoughtful and practical.

So, are you looking for a different gift than the traditional roses and chocolate this year? Read on for 8 unique Valentine’s Day gifts to impress your significant other. 

1. A Custom Desk Calendar

Calendars are important for keeping us well-organized and make for great V day gifts. They will also help your significant other remember those upcoming anniversaries and birthdays.

You can fill the calendar with pictures and memories from your relationship. Include images from past vacations, first-dates, and special milestones. Your Valentine will love displaying this gift on their desk all year long.

Artifact Uprising, Snapfish, and Shutterfly offer options for creating your own custom calendar. These companies make it simple to upload images and print a calendar using their website.

2. A Savvy Shaving Set

Looking for Valentine’s gifts for the dapper gentleman in your life? Upgrade their shaving technique so they can always look their best.

Do this with a Gentleman Jon Wet Shaving Kit. The complete kit features all the shaving essentials they will need to keep a close shave.

It includes a razor, sandalwood shave soap, and badger hair shave brush. You’ll also get an alum block, set of 5 Astra blades, and a stainless steel bowl. Throw in a travel bag to make it even easier for them to shave on-the-go.

3. A Romantic Picnic in the Park

Younger generations are finding more value in experiences, rather than tangible gifts. They are choosing to spend their Valentine’s Day budget on hotels and restaurants.

This idea combines a gift with an unforgettable experience. Gift them a picnic basket and cozy outdoor blanket for a romantic picnic together.

Fill the basket with a bottle of their favorite wine and appetizers. Cheeses, meats, crackers, fruit, and chocolates are all ideal.

Then plan a special outing to a park with scenic views. Unique Valentine’s Day gifts like this will be remembered for years to come.

4. A New Travel Bag

Leather weekender bags make for unique Valentine’s ideas. This offers the perfect-sized luggage for spending the weekend away. It also helps to keep all their clothes and toiletries well-organized when traveling.

Choose a bag that features easy-to-access storage compartments. You can pick from different colors and materials to appeal to their unique sense of style. Custom features like monogramming will also add a nice special touch.

If you really want to wow your Valentine, plan a weekend getaway. Set up a surprise for them and tell them to pack their new bag.

5. A Cozy Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket can help woo your Valentine. These Valentine’s ideas make it easier to get through a long and cold winter.

Weighted blankets are known for helping many people to get more sleep at night.  Their innovative designs make sleepers feel more secure and comfortable at night. This helps to reduce tossing, turning, and night wakings.

This gift will allow your partner to wake feeling more refreshed and in a better mood. It’s also great for couples who share the same bed and fight over the covers or snoring habits.

6. A Cookie-Baking Kit

Cookie kits are great Valentine’s gifts for someone who loves baking. Give them a kit that comes with all the essentials for making heart-shaped cookies or Linzer tarts.

These gift ideas make it simple to make cookies, while still offering that homemade touch. Complete the gift with a brand new red apron, kitchen towels, and matching oven mitt.

If you really want to wow your Valentine, get them a candy apple red Kitchenaid mixer as well. This item is the most-requested gift on wedding registries in America.

7. An out of This World Gift

Star-gazing is such a romantic way to spend time with a loved one. With this gift, you can name a star after your Valentine.

Buying your own star is one of the most memorable ways to celebrate the holiday. These unique Valentine’s Day gifts also come in a special gift set.

This includes a keepsake box, framed star certificate, and Sky Atlas star map. You can even choose from a standard star, binary star, or extra bright star as your gift.

8. An At-Home Spa Day

With this great Valentine’s Day gift, it’s easy to pamper your sweetie. An at-home spa day brings the luxury of a five-star spa into the comfort of your home.

Gift them a bathtub caddy with all the essentials needed to pamper your loved one, from head to toe. This includes candles in calming scents. Bath bombs, a facial mask, and foot scrub are other ideas.

Include a bottle of wine and a new book that they can read while soaking in the tub. Afterward, offer your Valentine a massage using essential oils.

Don’t forget to include a plush bathrobe with cozy slippers. A new set of fluffy towels is another great gift add-on.

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts to Show Your Love

These unique Valentine’s Day gifts offer the perfect blend of thoughtfulness and practicality. They work to combine a gift with a one-of-a-kind experience for a more memorable Valentine’s Day.

It’s always best to choose a gift that appeals to the personality of that special someone. Consider their interests and hobbies to find the perfect gift to impress them.

Looking for more special ways to celebrate with your loved one? Check out the gift guide section of our blog for more inspiration.


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