A Happy and Fulfilling Holiday Season: 5 Items No Christmas Eve Box Should Be Without

With the holiday season fast approaching, you’ve probably been thinking about the more substantial presents that you’ll be getting for all of your loved ones. Your partner or spouse will need a gift that makes this holiday special for them, and the same for your kids. You can’t forget about your siblings and your parents, either.

Yes, you’ll need to find something for everyone on your list. But aside from the more significant gifts you’ll want for everybody, you may also be into the tradition of making up smaller holiday boxes full of treats for your loved ones to enjoy. Here are some Christmas Eve box ideas if you’re having a hard time coming up with anything.

Artisanal Chocolates

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without some artisanal chocolate creations. They’re part of what makes the holidays so sweet. Many fine chocolate makers in the world elevate their creations to an art form, and their assortments would go well in a box of Christmas goodies. Just remember not to put them right next to the fireplace, or they might melt.

Bags of Nuts

Bags of assorted nuts, still in the shells, are both fun and tasty. There is something eminently satisfying about selecting walnuts, pecans, and Brazil nuts, and showing your young relatives how to use the nutcracker to crack them open to get to the delicious nut meat inside. It’s a fun snack because they have to work for it a little bit, so it’s also an activity. It will keep them occupied while the grownups talk.

Games or Puzzles

There are all sorts of little games and puzzles that are also great for occupying the time, and they can be a part of any Christmas box that you put together. If you’re making up boxes for a whole host of young relatives, there are magazines from which you can order these sorts of trinkets in bulk, and then you can put a few different ones in each box. The kids can have fun trading them with each other.

Sugar Plums

Sugar plums are another treat that makes you glad that it’s the holidays. Although the name is a misnomer (these candies look like plums, but they don’t contain any fruit), they are nice to add to any Christmas box not just because they’re delectable, but also because of their lovely sugar-dusted appearance. They bring to mind new-fallen snow. You can make little festive bags of them decorated with colorful ribbons.


A Christmas tree can be a very personal thing for each family that celebrates the holiday since each one is utterly unique. The way to make it so is by decorating it with ornaments that have special meanings. You might have an ornament that reminds you of a family member that has passed away, or another that’s a tribute to a loved one who is serving overseas in the military. You can include new ornaments in your Christmas boxes that can then be hung on the tree to become part of the family tradition.

Personalizing these little boxes before the holidays is more of a fun activity than a tedious chore. They will put you swiftly in the Christmas spirit as you prepare to welcome your loved ones into your hom

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