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In real estate, building long-term relationships is paramount. Your success as a realtor depends on the quality of your relationship with clients. It would be best if you continued to interact with your clients even after a successful sale.

Building relationships with your clients is a smart marketing strategy. It shows clients that you care about them and aren’t focused much on making a sale. As a result, they are likely to trust you and tell their friends and families about you and your business. Additionally, previous clients are likely to request your services again if you build and maintain your relationship.

Here is a simple guide for realtors to build long-term relationships with their clients.

Stay Connected Through Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are essential in the real estate industry. Even though it is a platform meant for interactions, social media is also a marketing tool that can help acquire new clients while maintaining relationships with previous clients.

To build long-term relationships with previous and potential clients, you need to be an active social media user. Do not shun from liking or commenting on their post. By doing so, the client will always remember you and the services that you offer. When you comment, make sure that you are respectful.

On the other hand, you can still build and maintain relationships by posting pictures or videos related to the services you are offering. For instance, you can post photos and videos of properties on sale or properties that you have successfully sold before.

When you participate in community events, make sure that you post pictures on social media. It convinces the locals to trust you since you have the interest of the community at heart.

When looking to hire a real estate agent, most people rely on reviews and recommendations from previous clients. Social media platforms are ideal for sourcing recommendations. Clients can read comments to see what others are saying about you. You can also post testimonials.

Invite Them to Client Events

As a realtor, there is a good chance that you have served quite a good number of clients. The end of the transaction should not be the end of your interaction. Once in a while, set up an event and invite both previous and prospective clients.

During the event, you can allow clients to speak and share their experiences when you were their realtor. As a result, new clients will trust you based on the testimonials of previous satisfied clients. Before hosting such an event, you need to be confident that you people appreciate your services as a real estate agent.

There is a good chance that the guests in your event know a friend or a relative looking to purchase a new property. Also, some of your previous clients might be looking to buy another property. Therefore, if you are looking to sell a property like, Beverly hills flats homes for sale, such an event will be ideal for advertisements.

Other realtors can also attend your event. As a result, you will gather business ideas and stay updated with current real estate trends and technologies to build long-term relationships with clients.

Here are quick tips to consider when planning client events.

  • Have an agenda for hosting the event.
  • Ensure that the audio equipment is functional.
  • Have a strict budget.
  • Keep the event simple.

Send Direct Mail Postcards

It is advisable to send postcards for real estate to clients if you want to build long-lasting relationships. You can send the postcards when you want to sell a product or after a successful sale. Recipients can share Postcards with relatives or friends. Therefore, with time people will identify you as a real estate expert.

However, sending postcards for real estate can be tricky. There is a fifty-fifty chance the recipient will open and read the postcard. It is because the recipient knows you want to sell something. To increase the chances of someone reading your postcard, make sure that you send the right message, at the right time and to the right target audience.

Direct mail postcards are affordable, targeted, trackable, and easy to print.

Below are tips to consider when sending postcards.

Target Audience

Before sending direct mail postcard, it is essential to identify your target audience. A target audience helps you construct a message and a direct mail campaign. To identify your ideal audience, you need to ask yourself what your intentions are. Are you looking for property sellers or buyers, or do you want to get leads or create awareness?


Timing is everything when sending direct mail postcards. You need to identify the best time to send the postcards. Otherwise, they will end up in the trash bin. It is advisable to send postcards for real estate during holidays and birthdays. People expect gifts during this time; therefore, they are likely to open your mail.

Sending Frequency

Most people do not appreciate it when you keep sending them postcards. To them, you are annoying, and your mail will go straight to the bin. Therefore, it is advisable to send a postcard at least once a month.

Go Straight To the Point

When sending direct mail, make sure that you capture the recipients’ attention by going straight to the point. Tell the recipient what you do, what you expect from them, and how they can contact you.

Offer Useful Information

To build long-lasting relationships with your clients, you can provide valuable information to them when they need it. For instance, after purchasing a property, the client may want to repair or change the roof entirely. If they do not know any roofing contractor, they are likely to ask you to recommend a reliable contractor.

Also, make sure that you answer any queries your clients might have. For instance, clients may want to learn about mortgages, property taxes, hidden costs, and the requirements when selling or buying property. You can create a blog and create content that is informative and useful.


Following the above guidelines will ensure that you build and maintain long-term relationships with your clients. It is advisable to reward your loyal clients. They are more likely to refer their friends and relatives to you.


A Simple Guide for Realtors to Build Long-Term Relationships

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