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What Does Beauty Mean to You

The definition of beauty is something that people love to argue over. Some people say that it’s more to do with inner beauty than your appearance, while others say that it’s whatever is reflected on the outside. The reality, in our opinion, is that every one of these statements sheds a bit of truth on the topic.

Beauty definitely has an air of subjectivity around it. Even if you follow a textbook definition of beauty, language is malleable and the word can mean different things to different people. But what about you? How do you approach beauty and what kinds do you go to when pursuing it?

What Does Beauty Mean to You?

The lengths that people will go to for beauty

Everywhere you go, someone will have a crazy story about beauty to share with you. For instance, did you know that Cleopatra supposedly bathed in sour donkey milk? This ancient beauty tip is mentioned on a lot of websites and it’s believed to be true due to the alpha-hydroxy acids that help to reduce wrinkles. But who would bathe in sour donkey milk in the modern day? Probably not many people! Instead, we have lots of different beauty products made from chemicals that come in a plastic bottle. But that doesn’t mean we don’t go to extreme lengths to get the body and face we want.

For example, there are some cosmetics (particularly anti-ageing ones) that go for incredible prices. There are also some women that add breast implants to their chest in order to get a fuller appearance that doesn’t sag. This does involve going under the knife to open the chest, and not everyone can stomach it. However, it goes to show the lengths that people will go to in order to achieve their perfect body and it’s admirable in many ways. From long skincare routines to cosmetic surgery, it’s impressive the lengths we humans go to in order to achieve beauty.

Embracing you for who you are

But just because we can use cosmetic surgery and makeup to improve our appearance, it doesn’t mean that everyone does. Some people worry more about their inner beauty and focus on embracing their natural self. This usually goes against what the media (and thus, the general public) considers to be beautiful. However, people that focus on their natural beauty tend to ignore what others say about their appearance. Instead, they aim to be as comfortable as possible in their own skin.

This can involve going bare-faced with no makeup, drinking plenty of water to clear the skin and also eating a healthy diet to keep the body functioning correctly. Loving the skin you’re in is a perfectly valid way to approach beauty and is growing in popularity. At the end of the day, different people have different approaches to beauty and it’s important to respect all views about what beauty is. But perhaps the most important thing is to make sure that you personally feel comfortable regardless if you spend 30 minutes on makeup in the morning or not.

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