5 Tips for Combating Travel Anxiety Before Your Next Big Trip

Traveling has not always been the easiest for some people. The idea of flying makes you feel like you are giving up control and literally taken out of the pilot seat. Even road trips within the U.S. have become a bit scary thanks to the worldwide pandemic. You can’t just stop and grab a bite at a cute restaurant. You now have to place each pit stop methodically so you can interact with the least amount of people as possible. But what if we could share five tips for combating travel anxiety? Below are the tricks of the trade for servicing any kind of anxiety before your next big trip.

  1. Figure out your triggers.

Triggers are situations that can cause you to feel like you are spinning out of control. Most are psychological and are prompted by past traumas. A great way to keep calm is by trying a CBD cigarette. CBD is the chemical compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant and has been known to help many relax. One of the best hemp cigarettes is produced by Plain Jane. This company specializes in selling hemp and CBD products and happen to be an expert on this platform and authority in the space. CBD oil is also a great way to feel at ease since you can easily rub it into your skin whilst traveling.

  1. Plan each scenario.

Much of pre-travel nervousness comes from those “what if” worries.

  • What if I run out of funds?
  • What if I get lost?
  • What if I get cold on the airplane?

If you have the time to prepare for scenarios ahead of your trip you will naturally feel more confident. You most likely won’t be caught off guard if one of the scenarios should arouse, and you will already have a plan set if they do. For example, if you are worried about being cold in the airplane because you can’t control its airflow, pack a ruana or cardigan. The clothing item is perfect for layering and comes in a multitude of colors and patterns which will also brighten up your mood.

  1. Distract Distract Distract

The best thing you can do is to keep your mind distracted. There are plenty of activities that can help to reduce your stress. Bring a pack of playing cards with you, travel games, or a good book. If you are traveling abroad, you should also be able to watch a ton of the newest movies. Having distractions can really help ward off any negative thoughts that may try to creep in your mind.

  1. Travel In A Group

If you are super nervous, consider traveling with a friend or family member. A travel buddy is an amazing way to help calm your nerves because you are not in it alone. Having someone who supports you may help you become a bit more adventurous and feel more comfortable in your own skin. There are plenty of companies who also specialize in building custom trips for single travelers who want to travel within a group. They can set up meet and greets too so you won’t have to break the ice all on your own.

  1. Should You Medicate?

This option is a personal choice left up to every traveler. If CBD hemp or tobacco cigarette just won’t cut it you may feel more comfortable with a prescription.

The two most popular types of medication that are most often prescribes are benzodiazepines and antidepressants. But these medications are normally for people who suffer from long term panic attacks or depression not for a one time use to fly. But with that being said, a doctor could also decide to give you a benzo like lorazepam which is proven to work for short term and immediate relief.

But the most important tip is to try to live your best life and enjoy the adventure!


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