Adams Organizing

Last week, I posted about Adams Organizing.
I wanted to let you all know that I received my
It was a detailed report (6 pages) consisting of 
You Said: Statement outlining what she understood
from our phone/Skype conversation,
and emails that I sent to her,
I Saw:  What she “saw” from our communications,
and photo’s that I sent to her.
Prescription for Progress:
I was given a detailed plan for setting
up a daily routine, steps to organize my office space, 
a solution for handling my paperwork, 
and descriptions and links for resources.
I decided that my first step would be to organize 
my office space, using the “guidelines” that were suggested.
I felt that if I did this first, that the other steps 
would be put into place more easily.
Organizing my office space took about 3 days,
spending an hour here and an hour there.
Total cost – about $35 for some storage containers.
I wanted to add more color into my room, so I
had my husband pick up some clear tinted
plastic containers, instead of using some 
clear ones, that I already had.

 The area is much less cluttered, 
and I feel that it is much more “Inviting”.
I moved many of my books, 
-that I keep on hand for my 20 Book Giveaways
 to some cabinets that I cleared out.
Other books where cataloged for tax purposes,
(and placed in boxes which went straight into
my son’s car)
and will be donated to our local library.
I cut up file folders to use in the plastic drawer sets,
to make them more attractive, and add even more color.
AND – because I moved many items to the rooms
that they are more “suited” for, I didn’t make my 
closet any messier (that’s for another post),
than it already is!
What do ya’ll think of the changes?
Be on the lookout for additional posts
on my progress.

Please take a few moments to go over
and read about her business.
She is so easy to work with,
and you may find that she could be
of service to YOU!

She and I would both appreciate it:-)

Adams Organizing

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  1. WOW! Wow…wow…wow!! You jumped in! Such great before/after photos and I'm so glad that my suggestions are working so well for you! Super excited!

  2. I must say, having an organized space is way better. Those green drawers are just perfect! Hope I can find some of those for my office in Reston, VA. You did really great on de-cluttering. Can you come over and clean mine?? LOL. Just kiddin'. But hey, thanks for sharing this! Nice choice of color, btw.

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