Add a Focal Point to Your Bland Living Room Large Minimal Living Room with Mountain Views

Add a Focal Point to Your Bland Living Room in 4 Simple Steps

Most houses’ layouts revolve around a single central area: the living room. In the past, this area was dedicated to receiving guests and having social interactions. 

However, today, the living room is often a multi-function space that englobes the dining area and open-plan kitchen. After the past months, many living rooms have also taken on the role of cinemas, gyms, yoga studios, meditation niche, and home offices. 

Since it is so important, you should stop making do with what you have and create a suitable design for this room, no matter how expert you are at finding second-hand furniture! Here are some easy tips that allow you to spice up any boring living room and turn it into a beautiful area of the house. 

Add a Focal Point to Your Bland Living Room in 4 Simple Steps

Add the Right Lighting Fixtures

Each room has a unique light signature created by the many light fixtures in it and sources of natural light such as windows, doors, and skylights. The light signature of a room can influence its style, and make or break the design you have picked for your room. 

So, before crafting a plan for your living room, you should start by understanding what kind of light it receives, how this impacts the look of the room, and at what hours of the day you need more lighting. Once you have figured all of this out, you can use strategically placed mirrors and ambiance lights to highlight pieces of furniture and art, thus creating a focal point. 

Find the Right Wallpaper

If you have a limited budget to transform your living room into a unique space, you might have chosen a neutral wallpaper or wall paint that makes it timeless and elegant. While neutral colors do have this power, they can also flatten the atmosphere in your living room – which is a place in which to have fun, interact, and enjoy the company of others. 

So, you should select a part of the wall on which to apply some more visible wallpaper, maybe to create a background to a statement piece of furniture or artwork. 

Use Art Pieces To Draw Attention

If you prefer to keep your room neutral but you wish to use color to spice up the atmosphere, don’t hesitate to use art pieces to draw attention. When smartly positioned, art pieces can make a room look sophisticated. But beware of cheap prints! They might make your room much less loved than it is. If you are afraid of losing interest in a certain art piece, consider decorating with plants – a timeless and inexpensive option!

Use Accent Furniture

The last tip to create a focal point in your living room involves using a piece of accent furniture. Thanks to the right vintage or luxe living room furniture, you can bring to life the whole design of a room, and turn a dull living room into an exclusive space. Whether you will be using your piece of accent furniture as a background for important business calls or to enjoy films in the company of your whole family, that is all up to you. Who said that something beautiful cannot be functional or comfortable?!

Add a Focal Point to Your Bland Living Room in 4 Simple Steps

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