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3 Common Roof Problems and How to Address Them

The responsibilities of a homeowner can be tremendous. As the maintenance and preservation of the home are essential. When the roof has been damaged, it can lead to costly disasters for the rest of your home. You would need to have the ability to identify roof damage.

Below some of the most common roof problems that may occur are explained.  

#1 Damaged Roofing Materials

The roof shingles and flashing materials can become damaged over time. Roof flashing materials are usually made of durable and weatherproof metals but are not invulnerable to damage. Especially in severe weather or through the salty air in coastal areas. The common signs of damage are usually: 

  • Rust 
  • Bends 
  • Dents
  • holes 

Additionally, the roof shingles may lose their protective layers, making them more prone to UV rays and hail damage. Other signs of wear, even if they may be pretty new, are brittle, loose, broken, cracked, or curled shingles. The most common ways your roofing materials may be susceptible to damage is by becoming worn with age, poor installation, or someone denting them when working on the roof.   The latter can be prevented by using professionals like those at Roofing Solutions of Murfreesboro TN.

#2 Moss and Algae

Moss and algae are more likely to grow in dark or damp areas on a roof and cut their lifespan short. If there is a lot of shade from a tree covering particular parts and consistent rain, your roof may be more susceptible. When they are allowed to grow, they can loosen or damage your roofing materials and can cause cracks in them. It’s necessary to regularly clean your roof to ensure there isn’t a build-up of debris or moss and algae if exposed to suitable determinants. 

#3 Gutters and Drains

If gutters aren’t maintained regularly throughout the year, problems can begin to build up. These issues arise because of water pooling where they are not supposed to and can potentially cause damage. This may not be something that you think much about, but it is a significant factor. Gutters can be prone to:

  • Clogging
  • Damage
  • Holes and leaks
  • Gutter joint separation 

If a gutter is not cleaned out and allowed to clog up, its joints may be prone to separating or sagging from the added weight. If the joints separate, this can potentially harm the roof. It needs to be capable of draining correctly. If it does not, it is more likely to cause roofing problems that lead to rotting, leaking, and potential flooding if it rains heavily enough. 

Should You Repair, Patch, or Replace a Roof

It is crucial to prevent potential water damage in your home because of roofing problems. However, if it has already happened, it’s critical to immediately respond and take steps to prevent further damage. DIY roof replacement or a professional roofing replacement may be considered but hiring a professional contractor is the safest route, especially if there are issues with your roof shingles and flashes. Roof repair is an indispensable factor to consider before you jump into replacements. Knowing which option is best for you, an inspector should be called to evaluate the intricacies. 


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  • Just had ours inspected a few days ago. Waiting to hear the results but I am pretty sure it needs replacing.


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