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The Things To Think About When It Comes To A Home Project

Buying a home project could be one of the things you have always wanted to do. It gives you a chance to not only consider making a cosmetic change but to turn a property into the home you have wanted for as long as you can remember. However, it isn’t something for the faint hearted. A home project takes time, a lot of hard labor, and financial burden. Sometimes it can go extremely well, and other times you can run into some hot water. So, if you find yourself considering buying a home project then make sure you take into account these points before you do.   

Damaged brickwork. 

When buying a property sometimes it is easy to overlook damaged brickwork. This is because these problems tend to be not so obvious. Of course, you may be able to see visible cracks, or notice any damage to the mortar. But Lintel repairs don’t have to be something to avoid. Most damaged brickwork problems can be easily resolved, and this is where you just need to decide whether your budget allows for it. Make sure you visit the potential property a few times before making an offer and look at the brickwork in close detail. This will determine whether or not any damage is worth taking the risk. 

Things that need disposing of 

Have you taken a moment to look in the garden or the exterior? Perhaps the property itself is filled with rubbish? A renovation project initially means that a lot of clean up and organizing is needed before work commences. You also want to dispose of things in the right way, so things like scrap metal and salvaging old bricks and stone will become important to you. Getting this sorted enables you to see what you have to work with. 

Water damage

Sometimes water damage is very visible when you are viewing a potential home project. You may be able to spot it from discoloration of walls or even with the evidence of mold. Water damage can happen from the roof or the foundation on the ground. Not all water damage should be avoided. But getting a surveyor round to check out the situation would be advisable before you part with any hard earned cash. 

Problematic roof

Water damage could be evident from a damaged roof. However, sometimes there is no evidence to suggest there are any issues. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have a problematic roof. Wind and storms can blow tiles out of place. It would be a good idea to make a point of looking up when you view a property and see if there is anything looking out of place. 

Hidden insect infestations

Finally, sometimes the biggest problems you may find with a home project are completely hidden. Insect infestations are one of them. You may not even realize until you come into contact with a nest or rodent home. Mostly these tend to be in the loft areas or wall cavities. Just try and make a point of looking around for any evidence. 

Let’s hope these points help highlight any issues you may have with a home project. 


9 thoughts on “The Things To Think About When It Comes To A Home Project

  • Ugh yes, home projects are never easy. We’ll eventually do our kitchen and I am not looking forward to the chaos.

  • There are so many important things that go into home ownership and maintenance. It is good to stay on top of things like upkeep and repairs.

  • This article was quite helpful for me as we are currently looking to purchase a new home. So many things listed here I need to check for before making an offer. Thanks!

  • Good tips! I had a house that had water damage once and it was a nightmare. I finally fixed it but it took a while.

  • Long back my parents bought a readymade property without proper investigation! They ended up spending a lot of money on fixing the damaged roof and repairing walls.

  • Sometimes we get so caught up in the excitement of a potential project that these critical aspects slip our minds. Thanks for these crucial reminders; they’re indispensable for anyone planning a home renovation!

  • This is a great list for anyone tackling a home project. I’m renting right now but we’ve even dealt with some of these, as we’re lucky that our landlord gives us lots of freedom. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hidden damage is never good. I really need to have my house relevel but it’s so expensive to do it.

  • Water damage is a very common problem and I am glad to know about these things and the tips you shared. Thanks!


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