Adventures To Get Your Heart Pumping

If you are someone who likes to always go through new experiences and experience a wide range of things, then you are probably keen for all kinds of adventure. There are many ways to approach and think about adventure, and there are thousands of things you can do which come under this general term. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the best kinds of adventure that you might want to think about trying out. Any of these could become your new favorite activity, or could at least be an interesting one-off experience you can try.

Adventures To Get Your Heart Pumping

Arctic Surfing

For most people, normal surfing is already enough of a danger and exciting pastime on its own. But if you want to try out a form of surfing that is particularly unique, and admittedly much more dangerous, you might want to check out arctic surfing. As the name suggests, this form of surfing takes place in the Arctic, and the freezing cold water is what makes it especially difficult compared to normal surfing – but beyond that, the waves are also known to be incredibly raucous and high. This is certainly not for everyone, but it will definitely get your heart rate up.


This is very much and very often seen as a classic kind of adventure, and it is definitely the kind of thing that you can try out if you want to go for a real once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. With skydiving, you are normally strapped to someone else for the first time – a professional – who knows exactly when to release your parachute and what to do in an emergency and so on. After that first time, you can often then go on your own, and that is a whole other experience in itself. But in either case, this is certainly a wild adventure that you will remember forever.

Woman Climbing up the side of a mountain with a backdrop of a beautiful sunrise Adventures To Get Your Heart Pumping


The great thing about rock-climbing is that you can actually build up to scarier and more dangerous climbs in a very gradual manner. Generally, it is wise to begin with indoor climbs, and there are many that you can go to which have varying sorts of walls for you to try out. After that, you could move on to climbing actual rocks outdoors, but you will need to take great care and ensure that you do so with all of the necessary safety precautions in place. You might even make this such a part of your life that you end up having your own Millie the rock climbing cat coming with you. Or, you could just go it alone and use it as a way to clear your head.


There are so many ziplines in the world, and they vary greatly, so you are not always going to be on one that is particularly extreme. This means that you can start yourself off gradually if you want to, or if you prefer you can jump right into the deep end and go for one of the much more frightening ones. In any case, a zipline is very safe, and yet it gives you the chance to get your blood pumping like few other things do. Very often, ziplines are placed above interesting natural wonders, so they can be a great way to see some natural beauty in this way too.


You might not have heard of canyoning, but essentially it is when you abseil down a cliff face that goes into a canyon. As such, you can often get off at the bottom and see some of the amazing natural sights down there – or you can simply swing along, up and down the walls as you see fit. In either case, it is an amazing experience, and one of the very best things that you can do if you want to try out something a little tamer than some of these other options, while still getting your fix for something extreme.

People hiking across the top of a mountain

Mountain Trekking

Depending on the mountain, trekking can be incredibly dangerous, and it can also be one of the most amazing experiences in the world. If you go to somewhere like Nepal to trek the Annapurnas, you are going to be able to gently climb up, or you have the option of going for one of the more perilous routes. However you do it, mountain trekking is the kind of experience that everyone should try once, so if you have not done so you might want to think about doing it as soon as you can.

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