Affordable Barns for Your New Horse

You’ve always wanted a horse and now you’re finally living in the country where you can easily have one. Unfortunately, your home isn’t a farm and so you don’t have a barn. You’d like to get a horse but before you can bring one home, you need to find out about affordable barns for your new horse. Here is some information you might like to consider.

Affordable Barns for Your New Horse

The Cost of Metal vs. Wood Barns

You have two main choices when it comes to building a barn for your horse. Some farms have metal barns and others have the more traditional red wood barns. Actually, if cost is an issue, you might want to look at a steel building kit on this website to find a quote for a specific sized building. A metal barn is so much cheaper than a wood barn that you now have cause to wonder whether or not that barn will be safe enough for your new baby!

Insulating a Metal Barn

Barns for Your New Horse Horse in Barn Stall on a Cold Morning

If you live in a part of the country where it gets extremely cold in winter months or hot in summer months, you may want to consider insulating a pole barn. Yes they are horses and not as sensitive to cold weather as humans, but you don’t want your horse to get frostbite or literally freeze to death. Metal barns can be insulated just like wood barns, so never have fear in that department.

Metal Barns Can Be Expanded

You are only thinking of buying one horse at the moment, but what happens if you want to get more horses in the future? You can easily expand a metal barn and sometimes you can even put a covered passage in between the two structures. There are endless possibilities when building a metal barn, so keep that in mind. It’s much more difficult to add to a wood barn than it is to a metal barn.

Strong and Durable Enough to Withstand Strong Winds

If there are strong windstorms in your neck of the woods, there is no need to worry when you’ve erected a metal barn. Steel barns are strong and durable enough even to withstand strong winds. You won’t need to worry about your precious baby if a wind storm should suddenly pop up. It’s rare to see the kind of damage on metal that you see on a wood barn, so metal is the better choice here as well.

Low Maintenance

Finally, you may be wondering if metal barns require a lot of maintenance. Actually, they are low maintenance and as such, require a lot less attention than does its wood counterpart. Metal barns have been specially treated so that they do not easily rust while a wood barn may warp quite easily. Since a metal barn can be built within just a matter of days and is found to be as safe as a wood barn (and many times even safer) you can have your horse before you know it.

Why not check out all the options available for metal barns today so that you can be riding off into the proverbial sunset tomorrow. A happy thought for sure!

One thought on “Affordable Barns for Your New Horse

  • As I was reading your article, you state that there are two main choices for materials when building a barn, metal, and wood. My husband and I just bought a new horse, and we were looking at a professional to manage our pole barn construction. We feel that our horse will feel more comfortable with wood than metal, as metal can be loud when it rains.


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