Bamboosa Lap Log Review

I hope that you enjoy this Bamboosa Lap Log Review, as much as I’m enjoying my Bamboosa Lap Log!

What is a Lap Log you ask?
It’s just about one of the coolest, yet simplest gadgets for your high tech goodies.!

Here is some info directly from Bamboosa:

The perfect iPad®, Kindle, Nook, Xoom or other eReader pillow stand.  Makes using a tablet comfortable anywhere. Made from eco-friendly materials – no plastic or polystyrene!  Adjustable to any viewing angle and stable on all surfaces. The ultimate comfort for reading on your eReader.

  • Lap LogGOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton Twill
  • Filled with natural buckwheat hulls
  • Eco-friendly, removable wooden insert that holds tablet.
  • All printed Lap Logs are designed, printed and sewn at Bamboosa!

If you happen to get a little dirt on your Lap Log when you’re at the park, simply remove the wooden insert, dump the natural buckwheat filling into a container, and put your Lap Log into the wash. A hidden zipper allows you to remove the eco-friendly buckwheat hulls to wash the cover.

The durable bean bag design lets you view your iPad®, Kindle®, Nook® or any tablet or eReader, at almost limitless viewing angles and the buckwheat hulls allow your Lap Log to conform to any surface. Remove the wooden insert, your Lap Log can be used as a comfy travel pillow!Lap Log 2


Use your Lap Log in bed, on the couch, sitting at your desk or on the kitchen counter. No straps, Velcro, or clips and it easily adjusts to eliminate glare. Travel Ready Weighing a little more than a pound, you’ll be able to take your Lap Log anywhere. Light enough to throw in your carry-on, it has the added bonus of doubling as a neck pillow! Going outdoors? Toss it in your backpack and have a convenient and stable stand for your device at the beach or on the trail. USA Made Each Lap Log is made in America from sustainable materials. Each insert is shaped, sanded, and finished with a non-toxic and natural stain.  Every bag is carefully sewn to assure long-lasting durability and filled with USA naturally grown buckwheat hulls. Eco-Friendly We only use highly sustainable and environmentally sound materials. From the salvaged woods, to the 100% organic cotton fabric. From the eco-friendly buckwheat hull filling, to the 100% recycled shipping materials. We love the earth, and here is a product that will show you do too!

Machine wash, mild soap, cold water and tumble dry.

American Made in S.C. –  sweatshop-free.

My Review:

Bamboosa College
My Bamboosa Lap Log

The Lap Log comes in  several different patterns and solid colors…or if you are a bit adventurous, you can opt for the Tie Dyed prints. After much debate, I went with the Paisley Peace pattern. I love the fact that you don’t have to make any adjustments for the difference in size of the eReader that you use.  I can easily switch from my Kindle to my iPad or my husbands tablet.  My Lap Log arrived with extra buckwheat hull filling, should I wish for it to be firmer.  I haven’t needed to wash my Lap Log yet, but I’m thrilled that I can, when the time comes.  The fabric is extra sturdy, yet soft to the touch. 

The Lap Log is great to use at home, but it becomes even more versatile when traveling…If you get tired of working or playing on your device, simply pull out the wood insert, and you have a nifty pillow for taking a nap!

I’ve purchased a number of items from Bamboosa and I’ve never had any problems.  They make the best socks EVER!

Head on over to Bamboosa and take a look around.  You’re sure to find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list!  AND GUESS WHAT?  Bamboosa is providing a Lap Log for the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide giveaway event.  Watch for the giveaway to be posted!  THANKS BAMBOOSA!

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