How to Clean Windows like a Pro without Streaks

Not many homeowners are aware that they need to clean their windows regularly to keep it looking great while preventing dust build-up. But besides knowing to clean your windows regularly, you also need to make sure you clean it properly, without any streaks, to keep its appearance and lifespan. How can you do that, though?

Follow these tips on how to clean windows like Melbourne window cleaning professionals (besides the typical wipe-down with a clean rag):

  1. Invest in the Right Cleaning Products

There are two main types of cleaning solutions you can use for streak-free windows:

You can purchase cleaning solutions, opting for reputable brands that stick to their claims. You can look into reviews to see which cleaning solutions work the best, depending on your window construction and material.

If you want the more natural route with fewer chemicals, you can also create your own homemade window cleaning solution. What’s great about homemade cleaning solutions isn’t just its affectivity, but because you can find the ingredients in your home already!

The main ingredient is white vinegar, which is easy to find and has an acidic composition that breaks down streaky film accumulating on both windows and glass surfaces.

Simply mix one part of white distilled vinegar with ten parts of warm water, placing it in a spray bottle. You can spray it on your windows and wipe down the windows with a soft and clean lint-free microfiber cloth. Make sure you wipe down your window with a dry cloth or paper towel first to remove the dust.

  1. Wipe with Newspaper

While it might sound off, you can actually get smear-free windows using newspaper, rather than using your usual cloth! A lot of people swear by this method, which actually works well for some reason. Plus, the method is simple, since all you need to do is to get your daily newspaper and rub it all over your windows until the streaks are gone.

However, take note that it will take a ton of elbow grease to remove the streaks, so it will feel like a workout. Plus, you’ll also need to wipe it with your cleaning solution right after using newspaper, adding more effort to your cleaning routine. But hey, it’s worth the try if you’ve got a newspaper that’s about to be placed in the recycling bin!

  1. Try the Squeegee

Another good method is to use a squeegee, which is what the pros use. You can purchase this online or in your local store and try it yourself, though be wary, as you’ll need an extra set of hands for help.

I like this method because it’s effective and pretty fun to do, though it takes a bit more effort and someone else to assist you. You’ll be holding your cleaning solution with one hand, the squeegee with another, and someone else to hold the cloth for drying dirty water that comes off your windows. Or if you’re good, you can multitask and spray, squeegee, and wipe by yourself.

Make sure that you use separate squeegees and clothes for indoor and outdoor window cleaning to prevent bringing in outdoor dirt inside your home. Also, after using the squeegee, do wash and wipe it right away to prevent dirt and watermark buildup.

  1. Use the Steam Cleaner Attachment

If you own a floor steam cleaner, then it probably came with a window attachment. I recommend trying this method since it’s easy to do and requires no other cleaning products.

However, be wary, as it’s quite heavy when handling it around, especially when you have a lot of windows to clean in various rooms. Furthermore, since you clean with steam, you’ll require more water, which will then run to the bottom of every window and window sill. You’ll need to be quick in wiping down the steam and water, especially when cleaning indoors.

Other than that, you can expect streak-free windows with steam cleaning.

  1. Invest in a Window Vacuum

YES, window vacuums actually exist! While you might think they are a waste of money, they have value because of its ease of use and how quick the results are.

All you need to do is to clean your windows as you usually would, then use the window vacuum, which sucks off all excess water, cleaning solution, and dirt from the window. This leaves your windows looking new, spotless, and without any streaks.

Wrapping It Up

I know how frustrating it gets trying to achieve clear and streak-free windows that look like they were just installed. That’s why I recommend that you try these helpful tips to see what helps you out the most!

Good luck and hopefully, you can achieve spotless windows for beauty and more light in your rooms. Let me know what you think of any of these methods


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