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Be Unique: 10 Best Personalized Baby Gifts

No matter what time of year it is, it always seems like you need a baby gift for someone. Maybe it is the office co-worker who is throwing a baby shower, your best friend’s third child, or your own sweet little ones on their birthday or Christmas. Or maybe you just want to give them a present any time in between just to show you care!

It can be so much fun to shop for babies, but what about when you want your gift to stand out from the rest and be something that the child (or their parent) actually values and cherishes? That’s when you need to turn to a unique, personalized baby gift for that special someone.

10 Best Personalized Baby Gifts

1. Privacy, please! How many times have you walked in on a new mom or dad just as their little one was almost asleep, only to have them jerk awake screaming? Or maybe you have had that happen to you?

A present that keeps on giving is that of privacy, and you can offer that to a new parent with a personalized door hanger warning the person on the outside that nap time or feeding time is underway. It’s a unique gift that would be appreciated daily by the parents but is rarely thought of in the midst of cute outfits and toys when you’re shopping for a present.

2. Make your gift usable but unique. All babies go through the “learning to eat solids” stage, so every parent could use a set of spoons. What better way to be practical while still giving an individualized gift than to present as your present customized spoons?

An infant feeding spoon with baby’s name engraved on it can be used over and over and then saved as a custom keepsake for them to cherish as adults. You can also get personalized hampers with lots of usable goods. Finding a suitable newborn hamper should not be too difficult online today.

Give a Flower Cart Baby Hamper filled with baby essentials as a thoughtful and loving gesture to new moms! Every new mother and her newborn child will be delighted by baby hampers in Singapore and baby shower presents.

3. Give customized wall art for all to enjoy. If you are an artist, creating a unique portrait with a child’s name is a wonderful, thoughtful gift. If the creative gene in you does not extend to wall art, you can purchase an individualized painting and frame it to give as a gift.

4. You can never go wrong with coloring sets. Even at a young age, children love to create things from their imagination. You can foster a child’s love for creativity by giving them personalized children’s gifts like a customized coloring set. They can replace the materials inside but save the custom container forever.

5. Personalize the baby blanket to give that warm, fuzzy feeling. Every baby needs a blanket, or three, or a dozen. Let yours be the one that they grow up with and must have for that feeling of security to go to sleep at night by having their name embroidered on a soft, plush material.

6. Create a book with their name in it. For those whose creativity extends to writing, computer graphics can easily aid you in putting together a story that includes baby as the main character.

If this sounds like a great idea but you prefer someone else to do the imaginative work, you can purchase a pre-made book and have baby’s name inserted in the key areas. How exciting it will be when they realize that they are the main character in their very own book!

7. Never forget their vital statistics with a stuffed animal. As a welcome home gift for a new parent or simply as a sweet thought throughout the year, you can have baby’s date of birth, birth weight and length embroidered on their favorite animal. This is sure to become their snuggle doll of choice as they get older since it’s all about them!

8. Give the gift that literally grows with them – a baby milestones chalkboard. You have probably seen them all over Facebook and Instagram as proud mommies and daddies update their baby’s growth monthly.

Seeing your baby grow is both exciting and bittersweet, but with a chalkboard to keep their milestones documented in pictures forever, you don’t have to worry about forgetting those important moments. Whether it’s for you or to give as a gift, this is sure to be one of those personal gifts that becomes a fast favorite.

9. Remember those perfect little fingers and toes forever with a baby footprint and hand-print kit. These kits are designed to be safe and non-toxic for your little one and easy for even the least artistically inclined of adults to use.

Most of these come with clay that you press your child’s hands and feet in and then wait for it to dry. Once it dries, you simply place it inside the frame or whichever holder it came with and keep it forever to remind you of those days when your not-so-little baby was a tiny little person.

10. For everyone but the baby, but still, for the baby, try an edible gift basket. Edible arrangements are all the rage, and new parents will get a kick out of having a basket full of a baby girl or boy cookies delivered to their home.

Places that offer these arrangements let you choose from a variety of options or select a pre-made basket full of onesies, bottles, rattles, and other baby items that they can personalize for the new baby’s name and birth statistics, or you can order them any time throughout the year just because.

Personalized Gifts: For That Special Personal Touch

No matter how young or old you are, knowing that someone went the extra mile to find you a gift that is just for you is always special. When you give baby gifts that are personalized, they mean just as much to the parent and can mean even more to the child as they grow into an adult.

These personalized gifts do not have to cost a fortune to be unique, thoughtful, and appreciated. Before you buy your next children’s or baby gift, think about how your gift can be the one that they cherish for years to come and make it a personalized treasure.

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