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I have a lot of medical issues, and I live with constant pain.  I’ll try just about anything to lessen the pain, so that I can live a more normal and productive life…BUT…I have to admit that I tried out the Bed of Nail Mat and Neck Pillow, with a wee bit of trepidation.  Even though the mat and pillow are a pretty shade of pink, they do have lots and lots of sharp points. Hubby wasBed of Nails Tremendous NOT Torture home, so we decided to give them a go together.  He took the neck pillow and I took the mat. Nothing Ventured – Nothing Gained.  Right?

20 minutes later we were both so relaxed! On my first try, I rested on the mat wearing a lightweight cotton nightgown.  As I eased myself onto the mat, I didn’t feel any type of pain sensation at all.  Nor, did I feel any soreness when I got up.  Maybe this is because I am always in pain to varying degrees.  Steve wanted to give the neck pillow a try because he suffers from chronic headaches.  He can’t remember a single day in the last 35 years, that he hasn’t woken up without a throbbing head, and he suffers from migraines several times a week.


About Bed of Nails

Bed of Nails is the much talked about health product that can alleviate stress, back pain, muscle ache, sleeping problems and other issues. Often called an ‘acupressure mat’, Bed of Nails works similar to acupuncture, by pressuring your body’s acupressure points. Scientific studies has been done in Sweden that Bed of Nails reduces the worst of your muscle pain. Just lie on Bed of Nails for a minimum of 10 minutes and feel your body heating up and becoming really relaxed. The first few minutes can feel a bit sharp for beginners, if too sharp, just use a light t-shirt.

Many people fall asleep on Bed of Nails, which is not dangerous at all. your back may look a bit prickly when you get off it and feel slightly sore but it goes away quickly.
Bed of Nails is a quick and cost effective way to increase your every day wellbeing, relax and rejuvenate yourself!

How We Use our Bed of Nails

The man wasn’t really interested in trying out the mat, but I wanted to have a go at the pillow when he was done.  Now it has become a part of my regular day.  I try to sit quietly with it every morning before I start my day, and then again before bed each night – along with the mat.  I have severe RLS and take some hefty doses of medication to get me through the night and day. Even though Bed of Nails has not eliminated the need for medication, it certainly has helped

Before Bed of Nails, I often spent up to an hour standing and stretching at the side of the bed, before the meds kicked in. Now I’m usually able to shower or bathe, take my meds, brush my teeth and climb directly into bed with the mat under my bare legs.  Some nights I sleep on the mat all the way thorugh until the morning.  Other nights I wake up and move it to the chair by my bed.

One of our sons lives with us, and he likes to rest his neck on the pillow while watching TV.  For me, that doesn’t work because I become so relaxed that I tend to fall asleep and then miss the bulk of whatever show we have on.

More About the Bed of Nails

The ultimate 21st century acupressure meditation bed.Our BON Mats have been ergonomically designed for optimum coverage whether whole body or section. Depth and quality of cushion for easy adjustable pressure. Our BON Mats are manufactured ethically from the best quality materials. The foam on our BON Pillow is a perfect consistency for use on the neck, lumbar, under the feet, or on any curved area of the body.  Available Colors: Bontanic Green, Island Pink, and Jet Black

Other products offered – Back Strap, Candles Aromatherapy Sprays. Besides having RLS, I also have Central Sleep Apnea and Hyper-Insomnia.  The Relax formula spray, has ben really helpful. I just spritz some on the fmall foam filter at the back of my CPAP machine.  Between the mat and the spray, I am sleeping so much better now. Bed of Nails Tremendous NOT Torture

RELAX (for relaxation) Lavender, Bergamot, Jasmine, Geranium, Rose, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang

RELIEVE (for pain relief) Peppermint, Chamomile, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Marjoram, Ginger, Cinnamon, Patchouli

REFRESH (to energize and refresh) Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Basil, Rosemary, Cinnamon

I am thrilled with the results that I am getting, especially when it come to my being able to sleep better.  That in it itself helps my pain levela and my ability to think more clearly! Sessions of must 10 – 20 minutes once or twice a day have been life changing. for me! Time will tell if my husbands headaches become fewer, but for now, it sure is helping once he gets one. I’m not the only one that is singing the priases of Bed of Nails.  Go HERE to read more testimonials.

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Bed of Nails Tremendous NOT Torture

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20 thoughts on “Bed of Nails Tremendous NOT Torture

  1. This sounds like something I need to check into. I was in an accident several years ago and have had back problems since and go to the chiropractor often. I bet this would save me time and money!

  2. We actually have one of these but I’ve never used it! Bought it for my partner who suffers from a bad back and he didn’t love it – although I think it takes some getting used too!

  3. The Bed of Nail Mat and Neck Pillow would be a great gift for my Husband. I have heard a few good reviews for it now.

  4. I have heard of different products like this and I have to say, this is sounding great and I’d love to hear more from others who’ve experienced this amazing product!

    1. I have MS and fibromyalgia & use my bed of nails to sleep on. Sometimes I can’t sleep without it. It allows my body to relax all my muscles somehow it just settles every neurological pain I have when my MS Hug pain associated with the tingling in my midsection is going crazy…it just calms it right down completely. I tried it two times with a t-shirt on and the third time just straight against my skin.. no going back now. It is the best. At 1st it feels slightly prickly until I get laid comfortable, then it throbs where my pressure points are and the blood flows to that area, then it just goes numb..and feels like thousands of tiny fingers tapping all over my back.. and then I wake up hours later. Period. Lol.. I love getting my rest. I also use a cpap so will be looking at the aroma products now.

  5. I would be interested to see how this could help me. I have a lot of neck pain sometimes and this may be good for that.

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