Gifts New Moms Will Never Admit To Wanting

It’s always exciting when a friend or loved one has a child. You’ll be happy for them, of course, and also excited about the opportunity to be the cool big Aunt. After all, you get all the fun, with none of the pressure. So, when baby finally arrives, the chances are that you’ll rush to the hospital, laden with baby gifts, and ready to let baby know that you’re the fun one.

This is all well and good, and of course, spoiling the baby from the off is essential. But, it’s also crucial to remember that the new baby isn’t the only one who needs attention. In fact, your friend needs you now more than ever, and they deserve a fair bit of spoiling, too. So, alongside the many gifts for the baby, you might want to take along something for your friend as well.

But, what do you get a new mom? The gift market is overloaded with new baby presents, but none of them seem geared towards the mother. So, you may be at a loss about what would be appropriate. As such, it’s worth thinking long and hard about what a new mom might need most. Here are a few options worth considering.

Gifts New Moms Will Never Admit To Wanting

Gifts New Moms Will Never Admit To Wanting

A good night’s sleep

Let’s be honest; there’s nothing a new mom needs more than sleep. Her body’s been through a fair amount of trauma; then she has to cope with months of hardly sleeping. It’s enough to drive anyone to despair. Which is why a gift which helps in this area would be appreciated. As you browse for gift ideas, consider a blankie, or other comfort which might help baby sleep better. Or, you could invest in some baby monitors which can help put mom’s mind at ease. You don’t have to go all out on this, either, with basics like the VTech DM111 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor ranging at no more than $25.

Or, you could have a little fun by producing some I.O.U. vouchers for overnight babysitting. That way, you can rest easy that your friend will cash one in whenever they feel the need. In some cases, putting their mind at ease like this is the best thing you can do.


New motherhood is a full-time job, and the chances are that your friend won’t have much opportunity to consider pampering. So, consider it for them with a pampering gift. This is a fantastic way to remind them to look after themselves, as much as the baby. You could keep things simple with a set of bath bombs, or go all out with a day trip to a spa. If you offer your babysitting services for the day in question, there’s no way your friend can turn down the offer. Thus, you can ensure they take some much-needed pamper time. Or, you could go all out by buying them a foot spa, or massage chair, which will give them a chance to pamper on the go. This is a practical way to make sure they get a chance for quick pampering sessions between feeds!


There’s nothing a new mom needs more than support. As amazing as those first months are, they can also be isolating. This is especially the case if this is her first child. All the reading she’s done through her pregnancy won’t have prepared her for the reality of having a child. Some things just don’t come across on the page. As such, the chances are she could do with all the support you can give.

Of course, on a fundamental level, being there for her will be support enough. But, there are some supportive gifts you can offer, too. For the most part, signing her up for classes with other mother’s is the best option here. Bear in mind that you might want to ask her permission first. She’s busy enough as it is! But, do your best to encourage her to attend, and even offer to go along with her for moral support if you have to. Groups like these will make a huge difference during those difficult times.

Gifts New Moms Will Never Admit To Wanting

Time off

Even the most doting mother needs time off now and again. She may not admit it, but it’s down to you as her friend to make sure it happens. Again, you could pull out those I.O.U. babysitting vouchers here. Or, you could take things further, by arranging for her and her man to go out for a meal while you look after the baby. Foot the bill so she has no excuse not to attend, and do anything you can to get her out the door!

You could even take this further, by giving her some time off when she’s at home. The last thing a new mom wants to do is clean or cook food. So, why not do it for her? Cooking her some home cooked meals to stick in the freezer is a better gift than you’d realize. You could even hire a cleaner to clean her house once a week for a month or so. The more pressure you can take off, the better.


Last, but by no means least; your friend probably needs a fair bit of reassurance right now. Every new mother is swamped with feelings of not being up to the job. It’s just part and parcel of the adjustment period. To help your friend through, you could always buy her some gifts which will reassure her she’s doing well. You might not think it, but something as simple as a ‘best new mom’ mug or t-shirt will do the trick here. When she’s feeling down, this could be just the boost she needs.

Gifts New Moms Will Never Admit To Wanting

And, of course, you could always use her gorgeous new baby as proof that she’s a fantastic mom. Why not pay for a professional photo shoot of her and baby? That way, she’ll have evidence of how amazing she looks when she’s holding her bundle of joy.

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