Okay – I woke up way day recently, 
and realized that I am now closer to
60 than I am to 50.
I’m overweight AND out of shape.
Because of medical problems and my weight,
I can’t start a strenuous exercise program.
My doctor has stressed that I need to walk everyday,
(which I do with Gabe),
but he has also made it very clear, that I have
to improve my balance and flexibility!

Body Bar FLEX Senior Fit
to the rescue!

From the company:
The Body Bar FLEX SENIOR FIT Exercise Program is a fun, energizing group of exercises. It uses safe, effective, integrated movement exercises designed to improve the functional 
skills of daily living, and enhance well-being  and independence.
Each exercise is designed to improve joint mobility and stability, through integrated movement patterns, where more than one muscle group is worked at a time. This allows the body to be trained for improved function firming, toning, and conditioning the muscles of the legs, upper body, and abdominals (the ‘core’).
The Body Bar FLEX variable resistance bar is a unique fitness device, ideal for developing strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and endurance for total body conditioning. Lightweight and flexible, it can be used to stretch and strengthen the entire body – in standing, seated, or reclining positions.
The Body Bar FLEX SENIOR FIT Exercise Program 
 consists of the following:

  • Warm-up Stretches, involving dynamic stretching 
  • for enhanced mobility.
  • Progressive Integrated Movement Patterns, 
  • for total body conditioning.
  • Dynamic Cool-Down and Stretch.”
When my Body Bar arrived, I thought that it was kind of a joke.  
It hardly weighs anything.
I read over the instructions and jumped right in.
The joke was on ME.
I found out that this simple lightweight flexible bar 
really does work.

Shame on me for not doing the warm-up stretches as 
directed in the instructions!
I was a little sore the 2nd. day, and even more so on the 3rd. day.
BUT, by the 4th day, I was feeling better and found that
my range of motion had increased a bit.

A “workout” poster was included,

and I plan to frame it, so that it can
hang on the wall in our upstairs spare room.
My husband has promised to start a
committed exercise routine with me,
along with a sensible eating plan.
I’ll keep you all informed on how we do.

I highly recommend  
to anyone who wants to improve their balance,
flexibility, and range of motion
and overall health…
no matter what your age is!


Body Bar FLEX Senior – Review

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