No One To Hear You Scream
By Julia Madeleine
From the Publisher:
In the quiet environs of upstate New York, a family can get a great deal of land, a beautiful home, and a chance to live in the throw-back, bucolic world of small town America. For Brett and Pamela Jameson, that opportunity arose when a house they loved went into foreclosure. 
What they didn’t know was that this dream home was about to turn into their worst nightmare.
Former owner, Irish emigrant and violent ex-gang memeber Rory Madden, is out of incarceration and wants his house back, and he will stop at nothing to get it. Rory unearths the secrets hidden within the Jameson family, and begins to leverage his knowledge to slowly drive wedges between them. When their seventeen year-old, mentally unstable daughter Justine falls for Rory’s advances, the devious mind of a career criminal turns her against her own parents, setting off a series of increasingly treacherous events that culminates into a charged climactic moment.
At once a classic noir and a modern cautionary tale about the roiling truth lurking within the depths of twenty-first century suburban America, No One to Hear You Scream is a freight train to the heart of an unspoken terror inside everyone who has ever dreamed of a bright future, while nevertheless wary of what the dark past may one day bring to their door.
About the Author:

Julia Madeleine is the youngest daughter of Irish immigrant parents from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Born in Canada and raised in a small town in southern-western Ontario on the shores of Lake Huron, Julia honed her duel passions for art and fiction writng from the time she was old enough to hold a crayon. As a teenager she moved to Toronto and graduated in Media Writing from Sheridan College. She wrote for a number of entertainment magazines, while spending all her free time writing fiction, and then in 2000, her passion for art led her, quite by accident, into a career in the tattoo industry.

Home for Julia is Mississauga, where she lives with her husband and teenaged (future tattoo artist) daughter. For a year she lived in the country on a 30-acre property in the middle of nowhere, which became the inspiration for her second novel, No One To Hear You Scream. Currently she is working on the sequel to her first thriller, Scarlet Rose (2008) which will be released sometime in the fall of 2011.
You can visit her website at or her blog at
I love scare the pants off you…have to sleep with the lights
on, and a baseball bat under the covers, stories.
No One To Hear You Scream will do that to ya! 
This book is especially disturbing because
of the relationship of the major characters.
It’s so much more terrifying when family members
are involved, and you don’t know what it
going to happen to whom.
Throw a baby into the mix – and my heart is in my shoes.
As always – I wish that the F word could have been left out.  
For me, its use does nothing to enhance the writing…
in fact, just the opposite.
Thanks so Julia Madelleine and Pump Up Your Book Promotions
for including me on this tour.



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  1. Oh Libby, this was EXCELLENT! Thank you so much! If you'd like to visit other blogs on Julia Madeleine's 'No One to Hear You Scream', click here!

  2. It's true my characters suffer from serious potty-mouth, especially the main character Justine. The book should probably be cleansed with fire before attempting to read it. 🙂 Glad you liked it, Libby (aside from the bad words) and that it was successful in giving you chills. Thanks so much for the review. Much appreciated.

  3. Great review! I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! The ending was awesome and the story was perfect and chillingly "real"!

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