The bathroom may be the smallest room in the house but it is still one of the most important rooms. The way you style your bathroom can say a lot about you and there is nothing more off-putting than a bathroom that feels unclean or badly done. And, if you are planning to sell your house in the near future, you definitely need the bathroom to feel inviting.

Unlike other rooms, the bathroom is a space where you can really experiment and play with different styles. And, because people are more likely to be adventurous with their bathrooms than other rooms in the house, there are all kinds of different styles around at any given time. You can play with color and different fittings, adding more decorative items or taking a minimalistic approach. But no matter what you do, these 3 styles won’t go out of fashion any time soon.

Luxurious Spa

However small your bathroom may be, creating a sense of luxury isn’t actually that difficult. Luxury always comes from the materials you choose and the finish you can achieve. Sticking to a reduced palette of just a few colors and materials is a good idea. Large tiles will give a sense of grandiosity to your bathroom and make your bathroom appear to be bigger than it is.

Closing in plumbing features and adding storage is another good way to create a sense of luxury. For example, Blossom Bathroom Vanities can be used to hide away less beautiful objects (like spare toothbrushes and cleaning products) as well as enclose plumbing for the sink. Transferring soap into dispensers, adding a few plants and putting up a bright mirror will also do a world of good.

Natural Neutrals

Natural well-being is an increasingly popular subject so it’s no wonder bathroom design is moving with it. Reed diffusers, organic towels and wicker baskets are just the beginning of this bathroom style though admittedly, you could consider these bathroom essentials, no matter what your style is.  One simple idea is to pick the perfect bathroom rug or mat.

Using wood, stone and more natural shapes is the key to creating a natural bathroom. Try using copper for a more rustic effect and leaving a wall unplastered (but only if the bricks are aesthetically pleasing enough to be on show!) Again, sticking to just a few materials will make your bathroom feel styled and luxurious rather than accidental.

Dramatic Black

Bathrooms have been white and neutral forever. That is until the black bathroom appeared on the scene. Breaking all the rules you thought you knew, the black bathroom has rapidly increased in popularity with additional shades of cream and grey giving a classic feel to a contemporary look.

The main rule when designing a black bathroom is to work out where the light is coming from. Black will naturally shrink the space but adding bright lighting and a large statement mirror will prevent your bathroom from becoming claustrophobic. There’s no such thing as a half-hearted black bathroom; this is always going to be a bold look so be brave with your choices.

Bold Design Ideas for the Smallest Room

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