5 Tips to Find a Great Local Landscaper for Your Yard

Landscaping in the United States is worth close to $116 billion and is growing at a 4% rate. When you’re trying to make improvements of any kind to your lawn, you owe it to yourself to work with some professionals that can handle your grass, trees, shrubs, and other parts of your property.

The key is understanding how to find the best and most qualified landscaper, like landscapers christchurch, available. We’re happy to provide words of advice on making this happen.

Here are some tips you can follow when you’re looking to hire a local landscaper in your area.

1. Check Credentials and Referrals

Put together a list of the different companies in your area that provide landscaping. Doing this will help you understand their capability and whether or not they come highly touted. Referrals are an excellent way to find the best pros available.

A set of referrals show you that the company has satisfied customers that speak highly of them. Make sure that the landscaper also is findable in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) database, and that you read through consumer reports so that you know the way they conduct business.

2. Consider Your Landscaping Goals

It’s easier to get a beautiful lawn when you map out your goals upfront. Figure out what kind of landscaping goals you’d like to apply so that you can find professionals that can put it together for you. Some of your goals might include:

  • Laying down new grass
  • Putting together a plan for fertilizer and nutrients
  • Improving your property equity through landscaping
  • Making use of brick pavers and installing a new patio or deck
  • Installing trees, bushes, and shrubs

A homeowner needs to have strict goals that you can follow regularly so that your property gives you the kind of return on investment (ROI) that you need.

3. Get Consultations and Prices

You won’t know that you’ve found the right landscaper until you study their prices. Landscaping service might cost you about $3,000 and up depending on the level of service that you need.

Figure out if you need standard service or a complete overhaul of your landscape. Check with your homeowner’s insurance provider to file a claim, or look into refinancing your home if you need to pay a large sum of money for the project.

4. Verify Their License and Insurance Information

The work that you put into your lawn and garden will pay off for the long term, so it’s critical that you find a company that is reputable. Ask to see copies of both their license and insurance so that you know the work is covered by policies that will protect it.

Licensed pros are better able to put some TLC into your property, and you’ll know that they provide excellent customer service and will finish the project that they start.

5. Ask What Plants They Can Offer

Make sure that you also figure out what kinds of plants you’d like to include with your landscape. Choose different kinds of grass that you think will be best for your yard space. Some of the best kinds of grass seed you can plant include:

  • Ryegrass
  • Bluegrass
  • Centipede grass
  • Bermuda grass
  • Bentgrass

You may also look into different trees, bushes, flowers, and even a lush garden with fruits and vegetables. The best landscapers have relationships with nurseries that can provide the best and most long-lasting plant life.

Hire a Local Landscaper

Working with a local landscaper that can assist you with the work that you’re looking into. Find a few different pros that you can reach out to, and get a list of their prices upfront to help you as you make your decision.

Check out these tips and rely on us when you need help getting the most from your yard and other home improvement needs.


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