Top Home Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is like marmite. Some of us love it and some of us hate it. If you’re the latter, you probably want to streamline the cleaning process and make it as easy as possible.

While cleaning might not be the most enjoyable thing in the world, it’s necessary to keep your home tidy and pest-free. No matter how frequently you clean your home, there are lots of techniques and fun tricks that you can use to make it a stress-free process.

Many people choose to hire professional cleaners to take the responsibility off their shoulders. For some, it’s easier to pay an expert to do the job than it is to spend the time trying to get things clean and tidy.

If you’re considering outsourcing your cleaning to a professional, you have a few options. You can either get a general cleaner to come and give your whole home a quick scrub, or you can hire a specialist in one area of cleaning.

For example, a professional rug repair service will clean the carpets and rugs in your home, enabling you to focus on the remaining areas of your property. Choosing a specialist cleaner can cut costs while still taking some of the pressure off your shoulders when organizing your home.

If you’ve decided to take most of the cleaning into your own hands, we’ve got the perfect list of the best home cleaning tips and tricks for you. So, grab your rubber gloves, and let’s get to cleaning.

Put Your Favorite Playlist On

Let’s face it, cleaning can get boring after a while. If you find that you are lacking the motivation to keep going during your deep cleaning session, put on your favorite playlist of music.

You’d be surprised at how motivating a bit of music can be when you’re starting to get bored and lose concentration. Whether it’s an upbeat dance playlist or a more laid-back album, your cleaning playlist can distract yourself from any tedious cleaning by singing along to your favorite tunes.

Make Use of the Vacuum

As you’re dusting and wiping, bits of dirt and dust might fall to the floor, so it’s best to vacuum either at the end of your cleaning session.

Use the main vacuum to go around all of your carpets and rugs, then change to the smaller attachment to get into the corners and hard-to-reach areas. If you’re a cat or dog owner, give your furniture a quick vacuum to get rid of any fur and muddy paw prints.

Wipe the Windows and Mirrors

When you’re cleaning glass or mirrors, you will need a specific kind of spray that is appropriate for these materials. You will also need to use a microfiber towel that won’t leave scratches and marks on your surfaces.

If you’re struggling to reach the outside of your windows, get in touch with a local window cleaner to give the exterior surfaces a quick wipe down. This won’t cost you too much but it will make all the difference to the cleanliness of your home


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  • After I got my robot vacuum it was like heaven. My hubby even said that the floor feels so much better now that we use that a couple times of the week.

  • I love these tips! The vacuum is absolutely your friend. It’s far more useful than simply getting the carpets clean. You can use that wand for all sorts of dusting and other tasks.

  • That’s a great idea to vacuum after dusting! I will remember that the next time I clean!

  • Yes! This tips will work for sure! It will make my cleaning easier!

  • I need to clean my house. It’s mostly clutter. Then I need a good sweep and mop. I’m hoping to get it done on Monday evening.

  • Oh, yes! The music is definitely in full blast when I’m cleaning. Great tips!

  • Wow! These are all really great tips and ideas! This is so helpful thanks for sharing this!

  • Great ideas and tips! Thank you for sharing this. I do need music to clean the house. No TV!


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