Designing A Home That Raises Your Wellness Levels

When you’re designing your living space, it’s vital to consider your health and wellness. You should create a space where you can feel at peace, comfortable, and relaxed, but how can you do this? From natural touches to banishing the clutter, let’s dive on in.

Designing A Home That Raises Your Wellness Levels

1 . Use the natural world

To design a home that raises your wellness levels, it’s helpful to use nature. Simply adding a few plants is a great way to cleanse your indoor air, elevate your endorphin levels, and make your home look beautiful. Some plants are more suited to certain rooms than others; consider a few of these ideas to start with:

  • Bathroom Plants: Peace lilies are an excellent plant for the bathroom; these are tropical plants, meaning they’ll thrive in the humid conditions. These need lots of sun and moist soil.
  • Bedroom Plants: Jasmine plants are a gorgeous choice for the bedroom; Jasmine essential oil is used for relaxation; the scent is perfect to ease stress and induce sleep.

2.Goodbye to the toxins

To create a healthy home, you’ve got to ditch the toxins, so how can you do this? First off, try these these ideas:

  • Green cleaning: Stop using conventional cleaning products that are full of toxins, and consider plant-based alternatives. A few leading brands include Puracy, ECOs, and Better Life.
  • Eco Paint: Next time you’re decorating your home, say goodbye to conventional paints, and choose an eco-friendly paint that’s toxin-free. Example brands include The Real Milk Paint and Clare.

3. Temperature control

Improving your well-being doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s just about creating a home where you can feel comfortable. Obtaining the correct temperature is one real simple way to feel cozy and comfy. If you’re finding it hard to obtain the right temperature in your home, consider investing in a smart heating system or an air-conditioning unit, (depending on your needs). For a quality air conditioning supplier, check out Cranbourne Air.

4. Air purifiers

To rid your air of chemicals, impurities, and allergens, why not get yourself an air purifying device? These devices are made with several filters, and a fan, which draws in and then circulates the air. When the air passes into the filter, the harmful particles and pollutants are captured. Next, the clean air is moved back into the room. Usually, these filters are made of mesh, fiberglass, and paper.

5. Clear out & clean up 

A cluttered and messy house can have a negative impact on your comfort and wellbeing. Challenge yourself to get rid of the items you no longer use, whether by recycling or selling. When it comes to selling your old stuff, applications like 5miles or Declutter can help you out. Make it your mission to have a deep clean of your house at least every month. (It’s surprising how fast the dirt can build up again)!

Last up, choose candles and incense which help you to de-stress and unwind. Some of the best scents for relaxation include peppermint, lavender, and rose.



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