Squirrels: The Unexpected Pest That Is Destroying Your Home

When you think of pests in your home, you probably picture rats or mice, but what about squirrels? Most people don’t think of squirrels as a pest because they’re quite cut animals and, out in the wild, they don’t do any harm. However, if you get squirrels in your home, they can actually do a lot of damage, so it’s important that you deal with them right away.

Squirrels: The Unexpected Pest That Is Destroying Your Home

Here’s everything you need to know about squirrels, the hidden pest.

How Can Squirrels Damage Your House?

When squirrels get into your home, they seek to build a nest and they cause a lot of chaos in the process. They will chew through the siding and underneath eaves of the roof to get inside the attic. This leaves large holes that let warm air out and can also cause leaks. This roof damage will only get worse if you don’t deal with it right away. 

Once they are inside, they will often chew through electrical cables or insulation, doing some pretty expensive damage to the home. This can also be a fire risk, so you need to repair this damage to the wiring right away. Sometimes, squirrels cause the power to cut out as they run up and down cables, so regular power outages are a common sign that you have a squirrel problem. 

Squirrels can do a lot of damage to the garden as well, even if they don’t get into the house. They’re one of the worst pests to have around if you are trying to keep your lawn in good shape because they like to dig holes and bury nuts. They will also dig up all of your plants, so even though they might look cute, you don’t want them in the garden. 

What Can You Do About Them?

If you find squirrels in your garden or your home, it’s important that you get rid of them as quickly as you can. 

Cutting off their entry points is the best way to stop them from getting in. If you have trees in the garden, trim back any branches that go near the house. You can also ask your utility company to place a piece of PVC pipe over the power lines (don’t do this yourself). The pipe rotates when squirrels try to cross it and get to your house, so they fall off. Covering chimneys is another simple way to block them from getting inside. If you try these things and still have no luck, go here for more help with your attic squirrel problem and how to remove them humanely. If your squirrel problem is particularly persistent, you may need to call a pest control company. 

The easiest way to stop them from becoming a problem in the garden is to use plastic netting because they hate climbing it. You should also protect bird feeders by rubbing petroleum jelly on them. 

Once the squirrels get into your home and garden, they can cause some serious damage, so follow these tips to keep them out. 

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