The Top 5 Invasive Species That You May Have To Deal With At Home

Pests are not generally welcome in homes although that doesn’t usually stop them from coming in. This is particularly true in the colder months when they are looking for food, water, and shelter. However, you pay good money for your home and you probably don’t feel like sharing it with any pest, especially those that potentially carry disease.

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The Top 5 Invasive Species That You May Have To Deal With At Home

  1. Stink Bugs

Stink bugs earn their name because they emit a foul odor when they feel threatened. This odor will hang around your home for several days and there is nothing pleasant about it. That’s why you should never squash a stink bug.

They generally come inside your home when food is scarce. They then slow their metabolism and can survive for an extended period without food, leaving your home as the weather starts to warm.

  1. Mosquitoes

The likelihood of mosquitoes will vary according to where you live. They prefer warmer weather and they are attracted to standing water. This is because they need the water to lay their eggs in.

Mosquitoes bite humans and are known to carry a variety of diseases. That’s why most homeowners use mosquito nets to keep them out of the home but still allow fresh air in.

  1. Termites

If you have wood in your home, which most people do, then you should be alert to termites. They live in colonies, usually under your home, and they will eat their way through 6 inches of 2×4 in just five months. That means if they go undetected for any period of time they can cause a significant amount of damage.

Sightings of termites are rare but an active nest usually has mud tunnels around the side of your home. Close them and they will reopen, proving the termites are active.

  1. Spiders

Almost every home in the world has a spider web and a spider. For the most part, these creatures don’t cause harm. They will eat other small pests and they live harmlessly in the corner of your home. Of course, if you accidentally disturb or threaten them, they may bite.

The effects of the bite will vary depending on the type of spider. It’s a good idea to know which ones are common in your area.

  1. Rodents

Rodents cover mice and rats. They say, if you live in a city, there is always one within a few feet of you. They are very good at getting through small gaps. To keep rodents out you need to seal all the gaps in your home and make sure there is nothing inside to attract that.

In short, put all open packets of food in containers and make sure there s no standing water for your rodent friends. They will soon head elsewhere.






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