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Reasons To Convert Your Garage Into A Bedroom

When you are looking to expand your space without having to sell the house that you love, the next best thing is to convert the house in some way to expand the space that you’ve got. It’s always a big job to consider converting your home, but have you thought about converting the garage? How often do you actually use the garage? Do you own more than one car – or any at all? So many people buy a house with a garage and they may not even have a car to put in the garage in the first place. If you do, you should consider whether you park your car in the garage at all and if you don’t, could you be using this as added real estate? 

Reasons To Convert Your Garage Into A Bedroom

It’s something you might not have considered, but a garage could be the exact space that you need to convert to get the room that you need for your family. One of the most popular ways to convert your garage is into a spare bedroom, and there are plenty of reasons as to why. Make no mistake, though – this is going to be a big job, and it’s going to take some time to get right. From reinforcing the door into a wall, to hiring Amazing Garage Floors to reinforce the floors and add some flooring over the concrete of the garage floor. If you do own a car, you might start considering leaving it on the driveway so that you can make your garage work as a new bedroom. So, with this in mind, here are the reasons you should convert your garage into a bedroom as soon as you can.

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  1. You need more space. Whether you need extra space for a house guest or you just need extra room for an additional family member, you need to plan ahead and a garage conversion could do the job for you. If you don’t have enough bedrooms or you want to change a bedroom in the house into a living space, then a garage conversion and bedroom can make a big difference to you. You could then end up with an additional living space and a bedroom, and that works better for you in the long run.
  2. You’re looking to have a guest bedroom. There’s nothing nicer than being able to offer the space for someone to get their head down and go to sleep when they have come to visit you. A garage conversion is going to give you everything that you need to make your guests comfortable. There’s no more blowing up the air mattress on the living room floor, and you can convert a garage into a cozy and comfortable space for your guests with a little planning. You’ll be able to give guests more privacy and comfort than your sofa or your living room floor. You’ll also be able to continue to use your home without interrupting them while they’re asleep. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to sit in your own living room, but a converted garage bedroom will help you with that!
  3. You could rent it out. Some people choose to convert their garages into a bedroom with the view to renting it out to a tenant, or as an AirBNB. Converting the space into its own self-contained unit can mean that you make some extra money, and when you convert the space you will have the chance to give people more privacy, this makes your space an ideal one to rent out to a single person or a couple. The best thing is that you can make sure that you give the garage its own entrance, and this will make it a more desirable place to be. It’s much less inconvenient for you and your family and you won’t have someone outside of the family in the rest of the house. A self-contained unit is a smart way to go if you want to rent out a room but you should be sure that you check the building codes and see if you’re allowed to do this, first! 
  4. It’s much cheaper to convert than to build. If you wanted an extra bedroom, you could just tag an extension onto the side of the house. It would be a big job but it’s a whole new space you can then extend to the side of the house. If you want to save yourself the cash, however, you could just convert the garage and go from there. It’s much more expensive to tag an extension onto the house than it is to convert the garage, however. You don’t have to build the walls, floor and roof and the entire structure. You just have to consider the cost of the conversion instead, which will be significantly less than you’d need to pay. 
  5. It’s a far more practical solution. Even if you are willing to invest the money in an extension, it’s practical and easier to manage a conversion of the garage and you won’t often have to worry about housing association rules. The town rules may not even allow you to add an extension to the house, and you want to keep it from affecting the value of the house, and even if you have the necessary permits to build onto your property, you might not have the room to do it. You might not need to take up all your land space, either. When you convert the garage, it’s less messy and less work for you to do – it’s also much less stressful! 

Choosing your garage to be your bedroom space will make a huge difference to the way your home looks and it may even serve as a help to ensure that you have a higher value in your home. Take your time to convert your garage and see the rewards as time goes on! Don’t be afraid to convert over to moving house – it’s an adventure.


Reasons To Convert Your Garage Into A Bedroom

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