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Does Your Home Feel Unsafe

Home living is something that you should find comfort in, as it’s really the only place you can let your guard down and get on with things. You shouldn’t have to worry about any external threats, or your home being vulnerable to anything. That’s why it’s important to make sure your home is safe and secure. It’s normal to have some concern over whether or not your home is secure, but you can rest easy once you’ve made sure that all of your security measures are in check and functional.

Does Your Home Feel Unsafe

Installing cameras

If there’s one thing that can make any area more secure, it’s a camera. People are generally more well-behaved when they know they’re being watched, and that’s exactly the feeling that a camera gives. The camera will more often act as a deterrent than anything else, meaning that you won’t have to worry about anyone acting out of place when it comes to interacting with your home. If people can see that your home is secure, then those with ill intentions are sure not to consider your home as a target.

On top of acting as a deterrent, modern cameras give you the ability to check the camera feed with your smart devices, meaning you can check in on them any time you please. There is a whole range of different camera types, too; from surveillance to doorbells – your home can feel like the safest place in the world.

Secure the doors

If your home has a lot of glass doors, it could leave you feeling vulnerable. The openness of a glass door doesn’t quite have the same effect as a solid one, or a wall – which is where you could consider a security screen. Xceed security screens are a great example of this, and your glass doors will be instantly more protected, without affecting the view you have of the outside.

Checking alarms

If your home has had alarms installed for a long time, it will help to make sure they’re still functioning properly. Check that they still work by testing them, and then make sure they’re on display. Somewhere high up on your wall, but in plain sight – just like cameras, they’ll act as a deterrent. No one wants to try to break into a building that will instantly alarm everyone around them to what’s happening, and your alarm will do just that if they were to try.

It’s important that you test them regularly if you want to feel confident that they’re working, and some alarms might require you to change their batteries often.

Light up the outside

A lot of break-ins happen at night time when people are generally asleep. Cameras might not be too useful during these hours unless you install security lighting around your home. These lights aren’t constantly on, as that would be obnoxious, but they can light up when they detect something coming near them. Sadly that means they’ll react to any wildlife, but it’s much better than having the outside of your home completely dark!


Does Your Home Feel Unsafe

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16 thoughts on “Does Your Home Feel Unsafe

  1. I must say I have all of these in place! It’s so important to see how you can implement a few of these if not all to keep your home and family safe. The world is not like it used to be and being safe should be a top priority for everyone.

  2. Installing a camera is the best choice we made. It provides a security and also proof of who’s lurking outside, should you get a nosy or thieving visitor.

  3. These are all good safety tips. I feel safe in my home as we’ve made sure to take a number of measures to ensure safety.

  4. My husband and I just bought cameras not long ago. We haven’t had a chance to put them up yet, as it’s going to take some time. I know we’ll feel a lot safer once that is done though.

  5. Security is very important I think our house really needs this. Thanks for sharing this really helpful tips!

  6. These are all really great tips. Thanks for sharing this our house really need this specially we have kids.

  7. We have done all of these and honestly…. our neighborhood is gated so that also helps but my husband still has lights all around the property as we are in the mountains in the Poconos and we have all kinds of animals around here. During the summer I can see Black bears walking across my property 😉 Would not want to be surprised when walking my dog at night LOL….

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